Council Business

Withington Group Parish Council
Extra Ordinary Virtual Parish Council Meeting
To be held on Zoom
7.30pm Tuesday 1st December 2020

There will be 10 minutes at the start of the Parish Council meeting for parishoners to raise any points that they wish to.


1. To accept Apologies for absence –

2. Declarations of interest-

3. Precept setting discussion for 2021/2022

4. Planning applications received: None to date.

5. Update on any Parish issues:

6. Receive items for the next agenda (no discussion)

Dates for future meetings:

2021 21st January 7.30 pm start
18th March 7.30 pm start
20th May 7pm start
15th July 7.30pm start
16th Sept 7.30 pm start
18th Nov 7.30 pm start

Ralph Barber
WGPC Chairman
Contact through the Clerk at
Tel: 01432 617306