Council Business


Withington Group Parish Council Meeting

On September 19th 2019



1. To accept Apologies for absence.
2. To receive Declaration of Interests.
3. Open discussion/public forum including
3.1 Report from local police – none
3.2 Report from Ward Councillor – Cllr Paul Andrews
3.3 Public comments/questions
4. Acceptance of minutes of Parish Council meetings (11th July 19) and
extra ordinary PC meeting (24th July19)
5. Action points from previous meetings –
6. Neighbourhood plan – update
7. Withington Fields – update
8. Changing rooms and Car Park at Village Hall
9. Lengthsman scheme – identification of jobs for the lengthsman.
10. Footpaths officer report
11. Proposed removal of BT phone boxes at Withington and Whitestone
12. Update on S106 developments
13. Parish Council Summit
14. To note contents of the information sheet and take any comments from that.
15. Matters Financial.
a. Balances: Parish Account:£20,352.91; Withington Field Acct: £6,790.18; Savings Acct:£11,306.77;
b. Payments to be agreed including :Parish acct: Country wide Inv: 75885: grass cutting (Aug) £136.80 ; Inv 75886: Graveyard cutting Aug £132; Inv 73387:July grass and graveyard cutting: £202.80; Inv 68331: June grass and graveyard cutting: £223.20; Terry Griffiths PRO work in July Inv 824: £30; NDP Consultant P Yates: £25; Withington Village Hall, room hire £26; NDP Bespoke Solutions-Banners £150;
Withington Field Acct: Litter Picking;£80; Country wide grass cutting on W/F (May) £156; (June) £156; (July) £234; (Aug) £234; T Griffiths Inv 821 Field Check July £36;Inv 820 Field Check June £36; Inv 822 repairs to play area £90; inv 823 repairs to play area July £240;Inv 836 repairs to sandpit £846.72; H’fd Council for bins £149.50;
Internal Transfer: None
c. Receipts: £6.70 and £3.22 from the savings account interest.
d. Requests for financial aid: Defibrillator for W’ton.
16. Planning including: 192980: Unit 13, Whitestone Business Park: Installation of a Biomass unit.
17. Receive items for the next agenda (no discussion)

Dates for future meetings:

21st November –       7.30pm start

16th January 2020   7.30pm start

19th March                 7.30pm start

21st  May                    7pm start for the Annual Meetings


11th September 2019

Sophie Glover

WGPC Clerk

Tel: 01432 617306 /