April Extra ordinary meeting

Extra Ordinary Meeting Held on Tuesday 2nd April 2019

Present: Paul Bainbridge (PB), Alison Bainbridge (AB), John Baker (JB), Kevin Hewison (KH), Tom Nellist (TN); Bob Wood (BW), Rachel Leake (RL); Ralph Barber (RB), Sue Rudd (SR);

Also: Sophie Glover (Clerk), 11 members of the public

The Meeting opened at 7.30pm

1. To accept Apologies for absence – Jim Callow (JC), Simon Dent (SD), Ed Simcock (ES), Sarah Winwood (SW),
Martin Kirk (MK), Jonathan Beech (JB), Steve Scotcher (SS)

To receive Declaration of Interests.
RL on the second planning application.

2. Planning including :
190879 – Upper Cottage, Yarkhill

No comment was proposed, seconded by TN, all in favour.

RL left the meeting.

190884 – Land adjacent Duke St, Withington

Access was discussed, the applicant has just had planning clearance for a new access to the farm, using the entry to this proposed development, but only if the current application is approved. The question was asked if the applicant could use this new ‘lane’ to access any further properties that she may wish to develop in the future. The chair replied that if a proposed agricultural track is more than 25 meters from a tarmacked existing road, she would not need permission for the access. PB read out an e mail exchange with the planning office to show that he has looked into the permissions for the track.

Open forum for public comments:
One parishioner suggested that now we could have more farm ie heavy vehicles using this ‘link’ road and coming out onto Duke St. causing potential hazards on an already dangerous road. A further question was raised as to why a further access was required by the farm, when they already had access points.
A parishioner added that there is a drain that runs down the length of Duke St and along the western edge of the plot, just where the new hedges and a tree are proposed.

The chair suggested that the area was outside the NDP development area or settlement boundary, thus it was contrary to the plan.
He also suggested that the parish would be very interested to see a full farm business plan to understand how any future development might affect in this area.
Coming north from Duke St, there is no visibility to the left at all, and to holiday makers who don’t know the area, with kids and bikes potentially coming out onto a very dangerous bend.
A further concern was if this development was successful, site traffic would be incredibly dangerous accessing and egressing from the site at such a dangerous bend, and right by the school, as well as the damage that will be caused to Duke St by such traffic.

It was felt that this was not realistically being built as a holiday home, the feeling was that it was too big for this, and that in a couple of years it would be being sold off as a new ‘home’ in the village. There was a strong feeling that this would lead to ‘ribbon’ development.

It was put forward that the Parish Council should put forward “Objection”, for the reasons listed above. PB to send the clerk the official reasons to submit for objecting.

Proposed: KH Seconded:BW All councillors present were in agreement.

RL rejoined the meeting and all parishoners left the meeting.

3. a) Payment of invoices
HALC Training £ 60.00
Clerks Salary and expenses £ 551.50
NDP stationary £ 139.85
T Griffiths Roads acct Inv March x2 £ 241.20
T Griffiths Fields acct Inv March x2 £ 181.20
Herdfordshire Council wf bins £ 149.50
b) Internal transfers
Parish Acct to WF acct (VAT return) £ 852.99
Parish Acct to new savings acct (elections) £ 600.00
Parish Acct to new savings acct (depreciation) £1,426.17

Payment of invoices Proposed: SR Seconded: TN
All were in favour.

c) Permission was sought for the payment of cheques before the May meeting as follows:
Repayment of unused NDP Grant (approx. £2,500 but exact amount tbc)
Payment from Yorkshire acct to CCLA saving Acct as we close the former: £9281.60
All were in favour of these.

d) Application for Financial Aid
Church Yard maintenance – Preston Wynne
Defibrilator for Withington

It was resolved to discuss these further at the May PC meeting.

e) Engagement of Internal Auditor
The clerk had found Apple Accountants off Plough Lane who have agreed to undertake the internal audit this year for us for no more than £150.
All approved.

f) Opening of a new savings account
Paul Bainbridge and Ralph Barber have agreed that an account be opened with the CCLA for the Parish Savings account, the Yorkshire account will be closed and those funds moved across to the CCLA account when it is opened. The Clerk will be a third signatory so that she can access statements and the account will need two of the above to authorise any payment.

4. Receive items for the next agenda (no discussion)
The unfinished groundwork by Bell Homes at the verge outside the village hall. Clerk to ask the localities steward to look into this.

The meeting closed at 8.08pm