Draft Minutes

Withington Group Parish Council
Extra Ordinary Meeting Held on Tuesday 12th February 2019

Present: Paul Bainbridge (PB), Alison Bainbridge (AB), John Baker (JB), Jonathan Beech (JB), Kevin Hewison (KH), Martin Kirk (MK), Bob Wood (BW), Steve Scotcher (SS); Ed Simcock (ES), Sue Rudd (SR);

Also: Sophie Glover (Clerk), Dave Greenow (Ward Councillor) and five members of the public (3 left after the planning element of the discussion) .

The Meeting opened at 7.30pm

1. To accept Apologies for absence – Ralph Barber (RB), Rachel Leake (RL). Jim Callow (JC), Tom Nellist (TN); Sarah Winwood (SW), Simon Dent (SD)

To receive Declaration of Interests.

2. Planning including :
190008 – Land off Veldo Lane, Withington
The chair has written to the planning officer explaining that there was a meeting this evening, and some comments would be sent to him following this. However, the expectation is that he will have a further consultation with us after he has received all of the further information that he has recently requested.
The Chair outlined the application to the meeting. He also commented that the Minton planning application was passed by the planning inspector. He said that the second application (this one) had no bearing upon his decision.
A member of the public voiced their concern about the sewage situation as it is at the moment, the feeling was that any additional development will have a negative impact on the infrastructure.
A second member of the public voiced the fact that there is no sign of the sewage pipe on any of the plans, she queried exactly where the mains lies in the Minton Field.
A third member of the public expressed his concerns about the additional vehicular pressure on Veldo Lane. He also indicated that lorries servicing the possible build would really struggle to access the site via the lane.
A question was raised as to the difference in approach to the previous planning officer and the current one. He questioned why the first officer was allowing the applicant to get planning with many details missing.
Cllr Greenow explained that planning applications can not be called to committee until all comments are in. Due to the conservation officers delay with his comments, cllr Greenow was unable bring it to committee. A parish councillor suggested that Ward Cllr Greenow did not support the parish council in their decisions – he explained how hard he often worked on the PC’s behalf, but he could not guarantee to get the outcome that the PC wanted.

The Chair had outlined a number of points that he had drafted in a response against the current planning application, he proposed circulating this response and the parish councillors agreed that once they had had a chance to read through the comments, they were minded to submit this as their official response.

There was a discussion as to how the Herefordshire Council was in regard to their 5 year housing supply, as it is their lack of future housing supply that seems to be the reason all of these developments are passed.

There was an update of where we were with our NDP, and the chair clarified that Reg 16 was now finished, the comments from this consultation will be sent to the PC for their attention. Once this is done the PC should be selecting an examiner for the plan. He was asked how much weight the plan carried at present, and the comment was made that for this planning application there was an outstanding complaint to the NDP putting Mintons Field in as a green barrier, so it is expected that we will need to look carefully at the comments from the consultation.

182752 – 1 the Wharf, Thinghill Lane, Cross Keys.
No further comment.

These applications have come in, but there are no details on the web site at the time of this meeting, so they were not discussed.

190339 – Land adjacent to the Old School House, Preston Wynne

190403 – 15 dwellings at the Old Pumping Station, Withington

Open forum for public comments:

3. Work to Withington War Memorial

JB explained that we had received 3 quotes for works to the memorial. He had downloaded an application form from the War Memorial Trust, and he needs to contact the ‘historic buildings’ officer at the council. It was resolved that the meeting was happy for him to push forward and continue applying for assistance towards getting the work done.

Proposed : Chair Seconded : KH

4. P3 scheme

It was moved to sign up for the scheme for next year.
Proposed: Chair Seconded: KH
Action: clerk to submit the paperwork.

5. Payment of invoices
Information Commissioners Office: £ 40.00
Village Hall Hire 2018 £ 72.00
Clerks Salary and expenses £526.80
Wiser Hosting (website domain) £ 66.00

Payment of invoices Proposed: MK Seconded: BW

KH explained that the MUGA electricity bill had not been paid, the clerk has not received the said invoice and it will be resent to her for payment asap.

6. Receive items for the next agenda (no discussion)
The two planning items from above whose details have not yet been put on the website, how the council address the flouting of planning conditions.

The meeting closed at 8.30pm

Signed: _________________________ Date: _________________


Meeting Held on Thursday 17th January 2019

Present: Paul Bainbridge (PB), Alison Bainbridge (AB), Ralph Barber (RB), Martin Kirk (MK); Kevin Hewison (KH), Jonathan Beech (JB), Bob Wood (BW), Jim Callow (JC), John Baker (JB), Steve Scotcher (SS), Sarah Winwood (SW), Ed Simcock (ES), Simon Dent (SD):

Also: Sophie Glover (Clerk), two members of the public.
The Meeting opened at 7.30pm

10 minute period is set aside for any members of the public who wish to raise any issues with the Parish Council.
Two parishoners were present who asked about the request for advice on the EIA screening for the land behind Bank House, a site that would entail coming out on to the Westhide road. The Chair reminded them that the draft NDP was now at Reg 16, meaning that the NDP now had some weight, and this is clearly outside the NDP development area, but as yet the PC had not been consulted on the application.

1. To accept Apologies for absence – Tom Nellist , Rachel Leake, Sue Rudd, David Greenow (Ward Cllr),

2. To receive Declaration of Interests. Ralph Barber declared and interest in his involvement as a Trustee with the Herefordshire and Gloucestershire Canal Trust. So he will not take part in the vote for the subs, nor will he sign any cheques raised for them.

3.1 Report from Ward Councillor None had been forthcoming

3.2 Report from local police Sent monthly, but the police have said they will be at 2 meetings a year.

3.3 Report from Balfour Beatty
Come out weekly and cllrs can comment on them. The Stallenge will be closed for two days in February whilst they resurface the road. BW had reported a hedge that needed cutting to BB, instead they sent a road sweeper.

4. Acceptance of minutes of the last PC meeting (Nov 2018)

Proposed: AB Seconded: KH

They were duly accepted as a true record of the meeting.

5. Action points from previous meetings –
On agenda or addressed apart from:
Hedge cutting on Duke St – This has still not been done.
Tree Warden – we have continued our subscription to the network, and Mark Bennett, our new tree warden has been linked with the organisation.

Action: Clerk to ask BB to approach the land owner, and to mention that the school also don’t cut their hedges.

6. Neighbourhood Plan
RB – We are now in Reg 16, this is due to finish on 11th Feb. Herefordshire Council will then share any comments that they have received and we have a chance to respond to these before the draft plan goes to the examiner. This can take from a couple of weeks to months. This is followed by a referendum. He also mentioned that the weight that a plan at Reg 16 has, is still up for debate.

Action: None at present.

7. Withington Fields –
Update from the Clerk: Everything is currently in good working order. As the WGPC instructed at the last meeting, a tree surgeon has been tasked in spending a day in the coppice behind the village hall to do any work necessary on trees that seem to be diseased or removing dead branches. He was there today, and will be asked to go back in the autumn.

Action ; to continue with the monthly checks from the lengthsman on the playground equipment.

8. Withington Village Hall
Still awaiting feedback from the football club as to what they want in the future in regard to having changing rooms.
KH said that it was the Village Halls 20th anniversary, and they were thinking of having an event in October/November.

9. Lengthsman and P3 Scheme
Funding ends at the end of March, so if we want any work doing we need to identify it asap.

10. Foot paths officers reports
Westhide: nothing to report.
Preston Wynne: nothing to report.
Withington : nothing to report.

11. Training/other meetings: Parish Council Summit, 24th January 6.30pm agenda has been circulated. RB went to the previous one and found it useful.

Action: None

12. War Memorial
JB: we have had all of the shrubbery cleared, and we have had 4 organisations to have a look at it. There are a number of suggestion with varying prices. Historic England have also been in contact to say that they are considering listing it. The War Memorial Trust have up to £30,000 per project, so we will approach them when we have the 3 quotes. SD offered the contact of a local stone mason in Preston Wynne who could quote for the job.

Action: SD to pass on the contact details to JB

13. Section 106 Developments
We have heard nothing back from the county, who were doing a traffic survey in Withington. It was suggested that we look at getting a SID on the main road by the Garden Centre, the county should pay for it as they put the 40mph speed limit on it.
KH mentioned that lorries are coming out onto the Worcester Rd at Radway Bridge and turning right, which causes huge problems on the main road. Easy Lawn lorries go past the school at school out time which was deemed to be ridiculous. Vine Tree development are ripping the roads up with the quantity and weight of the lorries that are accessing the site.

Action: clerk to contact the planning officers to ask them to monitor the access to the Vine Tree site as they may be contravening the planning conditions.

14. To note contents of the information sheet, and take any comments from that.

15. Matters Financial.
a. Balances Yorkshire – Reserve acct £ 9,281.60
                        HSBC Parish Acct           £24,165.89
            HSBC Withington Field Acct £ 5,614.21 £39,061.70
Clerk asked to move the monies from the Yorkshire, to another provider that has a presence in Hereford. This was approved by all. Clerk to identify a suitable account.

b. Cheques to be paid
Parish Acct:-
Paye £ 106.87
Clerks Salary £1,009.36
Clerks Expenses £ 45.86
Herefordshire and
Gloucestershire Canal Trust £ 25.00
Tree Warden Subs £ 25.00
£ 1,212.09
Withington Field Acct:-
Shelly O’Sullivan £ 80.00
Timberplay (repairs to Maypole) £1,652.20
H’ford Council (bin collection) £ 123.50
RJ & JR Barrell (hedge Cutting) £ 144.00
T Griffiths invoices 585,586,587,
588,589, 622,623,624. £ 466.80 £ 2,466.50
Total cheques: £ 3,678.59
It was moved that all cheques should be paid.
Proposed:Chair Seconded: KH
c. Receipts: None
d. Application for Financial Aid, St Peters Church have been asked to give more details as to what they want, still waiting for this.

16. Planning including :
184682 – Land adjacent to Barnamore House, Whitestone
Action: Clerk to submit comment objecting to the application and seeking more details.

17. Receive items for the next agenda (no discussion)
Parish council doing further grass cutting of Herefordshire Councils open spaces.

The meeting closed at 8.37pm

Signed: _________________________ Date: _________________

Dates for 2019 meetings:
7th March 7.30 pm start
Annual and PC meetings 16th May 7.00pm start
11th July 7.30 pm start
19th Sept 7.30 pm start
21st Nov 7.30 pm start