Draft Minutes

Withington Group Parish Council
Extra Ordinary Meeting held on Zoom

at 7.30pm Thursday 11th June 2020

Present: Ralph Barber (RB) in the chair: Alison Bainbridge (AB), Kevin Hewison (KH), John Baker (JB); Judith Howe (JH), Bob Wood (BW), Jonathan Beech (JB), Julie Williams (JW);
Absent with out apologies:Ed Simcock (ES); Barclay Rogers (BR); Sue Rudd (SR);

Also: Sophie Glover (Clerk), Paul Andrews (Ward Cllr)
The Meeting opened at 7.30pm

1. To accept Apologies for absence – Martin Kirk (MK), Tom Nellist (TN), Simon Dent (SD),

2. Declarations of interest– None

3. Signing off the 2019/2020 accounts including
i. Approval of Annual Governance Statement
The meeting approved the accounts and the annual governance
ii. Approval of the Accounting Statement
The meeting approved the accounting statement, all in favour.

4. Consideration of planning applications including :
200680: The Hay Meadow, Preston Wynne
This is definitely outside the NDP settlement boundary. The PC decided to continue to object to this application, as it is still not compliant with the NDP. It is a commercial style building and not in keeping with the other buildings in the location.
201558: Withington Court, Withington
This was for the food to fork business, and is a retrospective application. Generally seemed to have no objection from the cllrs, they wanted to support a local business. Happy to support the

Thanks to Paul Bainbridge and Ward Cllr Paul Andrews and all who put in so much work for the Land north of Southbank development in getting it refused.

Action: clerk to submit the comments.

5. Update on Parish issues: including
The Withington Village Shop which closed on 1st June. It is thought that it has been bought already and the hope is that it will remain as a shop.
Parishoners comments on the footpath from the A4103:- there is concern about the footpath being put along the main road, then the path along by the post office is a fairly narrow lane for cars to pass pedestrians, but it is a bonafide public right of way, on foot, on horse or by car. The footpath along the main road was part of the original planning application.
It was moved to make no comment on this complaint. Should the complainant wish to escalate her concerns, she needs to contact the Ward Councillor. Clerk to contact.
Soil from the Green building site being dumped at another site in the village. PA has been looking into this. AB also wanted to ask why the Green was not redirected when the planning application was minded to be accepted, as the parish had asked. PA suggested that the PC had the right to answers, the clerk was asked to put a letter to the planner on this.
Opposite the school at Duke St: what is happening with the traffic calming in the area. There should be s106 monies being used to do this. Clerk to chase this up as it was originally being done in February.
JB had been visited by the owner at the Green and he has got a truck organised to move the spoil.
The ward cllr had been chasing this issue, and he informed the meeting that a waste carriers licence was necessary to move this spoil from where it now is. JBa will let the property owner know about this.

6. Update on the Withington Village Hall changing rooms and car park project
There was a zoom meeting for councillors on the working group. KH thanked PB for attending this group as he was the driving force behind the project so far. KH updated the meeting on the VAT position of the build, we shouldn’t have to pay VAT as we are a Parish Council.
Points were raised for the architect and KH had a zoom meeting with him the following day. He has taken the questions away and is working on the points, he is now producing amended plans ready for the meeting on 9th July. There are notes from the working group should any one want to see them – contact the clerk.
KH has also been in contact with the VHC to make sure tha they are happy and up to date with the actions proposed.
Questions: RR has said that there wont be football clubs playing for some considerable length of time. KH explained that by running the car par and the changing rooms as one project, and progressing the car park will get half of the project done, then the changing rooms wont need to be done for another 10 years.
Where do we stand in the PC getting the building done and it then getting handed over to the VHC? Once the building has be built the PC can gift the changing rooms to the VHC who will draw up a contract with the football club who will be the users.
RH where do we stand with the s106 monies: clerk to verify.
AB suggested that the project was drawn up as having 2 phases, the car park and the changing rooms. KH wanted to leave that with the architect.

7. Update on the co-option of new councillors
Amendment of the standing orders need to agreed so that we can vote on the co-option of new councillor. It is suggested that at point 3r we add the following:

This was proposed by : BW seconded JW
Agreed by all present.

8. Financial:
To approve payments including
Herefordshire Council for elections; £ 1,691.01
Herefordshire Council for WF bins £ 155.87
Clerks Salary £513.48
Clerks expenses £ 32.50 £ 545.98
Country Wide Grass cutting – Church £ 46.60
Country Wide Grass cutting – WF £ 78.00
Terry Griffiths wf works and checks £ 926.40

Payments proposed: KH Seconded BW ;All in favour.

9. Receive items for the next agenda (no discussion)
Changing rooms; election of new cllrs.
Meeting closed at 8.15pm

Signed: ________________________ Date:_________________

Dates for future meetings:

9th July 7.30 pm start
17th September 7.30 pm start
19th November 7.30 pm start