Minutes 11th January 2018

Withington Group Parish Council Meeting


Thursday 11th January 2018


In attendance: Paul Bainbridge(PB) – In the Chair, Alison Bainbridge (AB), Kevin Hewison (KH), Martin Kirk (MK), Simon Dent (SD), Ralph Barber(RB), James Callow (JC), Tom Nellist (TN), Sue Rudd (SR). Bob Wood (BW), Rachael Leake (RL) From 7.40


 Also: Sophie Glover (Clerk): Ward Councillor, David Greenow (DG) and 15 members of the public


7.30pm meeting started


10 minute period is set aside for any members of the public who wish to raise any issues with the Parish Council.

The chair asked if all public present were here to talk about the planning application at the Mintons. All said that they were.  The Chair explained where the PC were with their NDP, and where this fitted into the core strategy.

He also outlined the basics of the planning application, and that he had received a written comment against the application through his door this afternoon. There are amended plans expected, but as of this afternoon these were not available yet.

One member of the public read out her statement against the application which will be on the Planning Website.   She surmised that with all of the additional development in Withington, there will be over 500 extra vehicles potentially using Duke St.  Another public member added that this was in a conservation area, and it was important to preserve this historic site.  A further member of the public talked about the danger of the bend in Duke St, how dangerous it was to any pedestrians at the moment – adding to the pressure of the road was fool hardy.  There were further comments about the speed of traffic users on Duke St, making it unsuitable for any further development along there.

1. To accept Apologies for absence

Steve Scotcher, Ed Symcock, Sarah Winwood, Jonathan Beech

 2. To receive Declaration of Interests. Rachel on item 13.

Item 13 was taken at this point.


3.1   Report from Ward Councillor.

DG gave an update on his health. He has had a number of phone calls about the increase of

tractors and trailers using Duke St– he told the meeting that he has reminded local farmers

to go round the village, and not through the centre of it.  He has also been to Chase

Distilleries and Pontrilas Timber to remind them not to use Duke St.   Also, he has heard

about near misses in Eau Withington, where cars coming out of Lumber Lane and turning

right are causing problems – there is a sign saying ‘no right turn’, but people chose to ignore

it.  He has the cabinet member for Highways coming to the parish on Monday to talk about a

weight or speed limit to be put on Duke St. KH mentioned that another cllr had suggested

getting white gates on the Bromyard Rd to show that a settlement was there. BW asked the

ward cllr if people driving tractors needed to have a specific licence?  DG informed him that

at 16 you can take a tractor test and drive a tractor on the road legally, at 17 you can tow a

trailer of up to 16 tons, at 21 you can tow up to 37 tons all on a standard driving licence.

Any tractor weighing 21 tons or more has to have air brakes now.

Parking in Hereford is currently a hot potato, it is being looked at, and there will be changes

coming in the near future.

MK asked if you go on the Hereford 2020 website, it says that the western bypass will be

started by 2020 – is that realistic? Yes (the southern link road).

3.2 Report from local police– sent by e mailNothing had been reported in Hagley ward over the last period.

4. Acceptance of minutes of the PC meeting (Nov 2017)Proposed: KH                 Seconded: SDThey were duly accepted as a true record of the meeting.

5. Action points from previous meetingsAction:            Placing a guard around the Millenium Oak tree – had been given to the lengthsman to do – clerk will chase him up.

6. Neighbourhood Plan

RB – There have been quite a few NDP meetings since the last pc meeting.  There will be a

panel show at the end of the month at Withington Village Hall. He asked for volunteers to

help staff the stand, and asked for other willing volunteers for the day and a half of the open

event. Data for the NDP is now on the web site, and the facebook site has been updated as

well. There is still much work to do, and RB asked for authorisation for a cheque for some

stationary items for the open event, this was granted.


The open events for the draft Neighbourhood plan are to be held at the village hall on Friday

the 26th January from 18.00 to 21.00 and on Saturday the 27th January from 10.00 to 16.00.


The next stage, will be to take the information and put it in the plan, aiming for going for Reg

14 by the end of March, this is a 6 week consultation period. We are now hoping for a

referendum this time next year.


Action:             RB will let cllrs known of the time table for the open event.

7. Withington Fields.


The Clerk said that there was not much to report, the bike racks are now in place.

8. Lengthsman and P3 scheme – Working group to be identified to look at lengthsman work. Also, jobs identified for the lengthsman.


The Chair asked for volunteers to join this group SR, SD, JC, PB all agreed to be part of it.


Action:             Clerk to pass on to the group jobs that she gives to the lengthsman.

 9. Withington Village Hall


Nothing to report.

10. New Code of Conduct, Safeguarding and the new General Data Protection Regs.


HALC are finding out and there will be training offered in the coming months to ensure that

the clerk is up to date with any information necessary about these new regulations.

11. To note contents of the information sheet, and take any comments from that.

Noted. No comments made.

12. Matters Financial.

Yorkshire Bank (Dec 2017)    Reserve Acct   £9,281.60

Lloyds TSB (8.12.17)               Parish Acct     £25,559.99

Lloyds TSB (1.12.17)               W/F Acct        £ 5,239. 18

Cheques received: None

Cheques to be Authorised at this meeting:

From Parish Acct:

Clerks Salary: £964.30; PAYE: £98.86; Clerks Expenses: £29.72; Countrywide (Oct Invoice): £111.60; T Griffiths inv 0240; £458.40; T Griffiths inv 242: £456; RJ and JR Barrell: £134.40; Herefordshire and Gloucestershire Canal Trust: £25: Data Orchard (NDP): £1,139.16; Withington Village Hall hire (NDP): £44; Bespoke Visual Solutions(NDP): £50 and £100; R Barber (NDP stationary): £286.72;

From Withington Field Acct:

Litter Picking on WF: £80; T Griffiths inv 254: £36; Inv 255: £177.60; Inv 262: £194.39; Inv 261: £36: Countrywide (October Inv): £156; Herefordshire council (bins): £118.30.

Applications for Financial Aid: Withington News – £500 had been allocated in the budget for this, so it was agreed to make this payment to them.

The PC was also asked for authorisation for a further £100 for spending on 2 more banners – all were in favour (as per the second Bespoke Visual Solutions payment above). It was proposed to make all of the above payments.   

Moved: Chair   Seconded: KH  

13. Planning including : 174487 The Land adjacent to The Mintons.


The plans for this application were discussed at some length, it was decided that the Parish Council would not support the application, and the Chair will draft a formal response for the clerk to submit to the planning authority.


Action: Clerk to submit the response.

14. Receive items for the next agenda (no discussion)

Look at how we deal with planning applications.


  15th March 7.30 pm start
PC and Annual meetings 17th May 7.00 pm start
New dates 12th July 7.30 pm start
for 20th Sept 7.30 pm start
your diaries 15th Nov 7.30 pm start