Minutes extraordinary PC meeting 24th July 2019

Withington Group Parish Council
Extra Ordinary Parish Council Meeting
7.30pm Thursday 24th July 2019

Draft Minutes

Councillors present; Ralph Barber (in the Chair); Kevin Hewison, Martin Kirk,
John Baker, Jonathan Beech, Bob Wood, Sarah Winwood, Judith Howe.

Clerk: Sophie Glover.
Minutes Meeting started at: 7.30pm

1. To accept Apologies for absence – Paul Bainbridge, Alison Bainbridge,
Julie Williams; Tom Nellist; Simon Dent; Sue Rudd;

Absent with out apologies: Ed Simcock, Barclay Rogers,
Declarations of interest- None.

2. Neighbourhood Plan update: RB explained that the examiner had sent out the report earlier in the week which had been circulated to all cllrs. He reminded the meeting of the choices to be made this evening, ie to accept the plan with the examiners recommendations, or to make some changes to the current plan which would mean that it would have to go back to Reg 16 stage, and a re-examination.
He asked for questions from the floor
What is local green space? RB: we put in several green spaces in the NDP area, one of which was opposite the school in Withington, the examiner questioned why this was being designated as ‘local green space’ she suggested that it should remain ‘Open Countryside’.
It was indicated that once a settlement boundary had been identified, the land is defined under the Herefordshire policy for open countryside.
How do the PC encourage support for the NDP at the referendum? RB will write an article for the newsletter, the face book page will be updated as will the website, finally the NDP banners will be deployed prior to the referendum to encourage people to come out to vote. Some Cllrs offered to walk around the parishes leafletting the electorate so that they are fully aware of the importance of the vote.
BW proposed by that the NDP should be accepted with the amendments suggested by the examiner to be put in place prior to the final submission. This was seconded by KH.

Vote: 8 in favour 0 against

3. 191671 – Land to the north of Southbank, Withington, Hereford
Outline planning application for residential development for up to 52 dwellings The applicant has agreed to an extension for finding more information.
WGPC will submit a further objection explaining that the NDP has been through the examination process and the WGPC has accepted the examiners comments at this evenings meeting, clearly showing that this land is outside the development area in Withington.
Action: Clerk to submit this comment

4. Receive items for the next agenda (no discussion)
None put forward

Meeting closed at 19.52

Dates for future meetings:
19th Sept           7.30 pm start
21st Nov            7.30 pm start
New dates 16th Jan 2020 7.30 pm start
19th March        7.30 pm start
Annual Meeting 21st May 7pm start