Minutes for Annual Parish Meetings, Annual Parish Council Meeting and ordinary PC meeting – May 2018

Minutes of
Thursday 10th May 2018 7.00pm start

Councillors present;
Paul Bainbridge, Alison Bainbridge, Bob Wood, Martin Kirk;

Meeting opened: 7.02pm

1. Minutes of previous Annual Meeting held Approved in July 2017 on Thursday 1st May 2017

2. Any other business None

Meeting Closed at 7.03pm

Thursday 10th May 2018

Councillors present;
Sue Rudd; Simon Dent.
Meeting opened 9.05
1. Minutes of previous Annual Meeting held Approved in July 2017
On Thursday 1st May 2017
2. Any other business None Meeting closed: 9.07

Thursday 10th May 2018

Councillors present
Jim Callow, Ralph Barber.
Meeting opened: 7.32pm

1. Minutes of previous Annual Meeting held Approved in July 2017
On Thursday 1st May 2017
2. Any other business None.
Meeting closed: 7.33pm

Signed Chairman: Dated:

Withington Group Parish Council
Annual Meeting Held on Thursday 10th May 2018
Present: Paul Bainbridge (PB), Alison Bainbridge (AB), Bob Wood (BW), Martin Kirk (MK), Ralph Barber (RB), Jim Callow (JC), Sue Rudd (SR); Sarah Winwood (SW) from 7.25pm, Simon Dent (SD) from 7.30pm. 2 members of the public.
Also: Sophie Glover (Clerk),
The Meeting opened at 7.08pm

1. Election of officers (Chairman, Vice Chairman)

Chairman: Paul Bainbridge Proposed: Ralph Barber
Seconded: Martin Kirk all in favour
Carried unanimously
Vicechair: Ralph Barber Proposed: Paul Bainbridge
Seconded: Bob Wood
Carried Unanimously
Both the Chair and Vice Chair signed their forms of office.

2. Chairman’s Annual Report

Chairman’s Annual Report 2017/18
Copy at end of report.

3.i. Appointment of new Councillor
John Baker has submitted a brief outline of his experience for all cllrs to consider, and it was proposed that he should be co-opted onto the Parish Council in the last of the Withington places.

Proposed: PB Seconded: MK All were in agreement.

3.ii. Appointment of members to Committees, working groups etc

– Planning Working Group: The group no longer exists.
– Representative on Village Hall committee: Bob Wood, Proposed the Chair, Seconded RB.
– Neighbourhood planning group: To remain the same Chair: Ralph Barber, On the working group: Jonathan Beech, Paul Bainbridge, Simon Dent for Preston Wynne input and others were invited to join.
– Finance committee: it was resolved that this group would meet twice a year, once before the precept setting meeting and once before the audit meeting. The chair asked for any one interested in joining this committee; Ralph Barber suggested the cheque signatories, and it was resolved that the cheque signatories would form this committee, so this is Paul Bainbridge, Ralph Barber, Jim Callow and Rachel Leak.
– Withington Field: Clerk to continue in this role, agreed unanimously.

4. Review of Footpath Officer, Internal Auditor, tree warden etc
Footpath officers:-
Jim Callow will cover Westhide

Ros Simcock will be asked to continue for Preston Wynne

Martin Kirk for Withington
All moved by PB Seconded AB

Internal Auditor: To continue to use Mr Aubrey Oliver.

Tree Warden: Our previous tree warden had resigned, and the clerk had been asked to approach Sutton or Weston Beggard PC’s to see if they have a tree warden who might be interested in helping WGPC, sadly no one had been forthcoming. It was resolved to withdraw from the Tree Warden scheme.

5. Review of insurance policies

Renewal is in January. We remain with Zurich insurance.

6. Review of subscriptions

Hereford and Gloucester Canal: £25 per annum.
HALC: Fees will be as they set.
Tree Warden: £25 per annum (WGPC to withdraw from this scheme, no further subs to be paid)

Agreed to all Proposed: Paul Bainbridge Seconded; Ralph Barber.

7 Councillors attendance at meetings
The chair reminded cllrs that it was in our standing orders that they had to attend at least one meeting every 6 months.

8. To remind Councillors to update their Notice of Registrable Interests.

Ordinary Parish Council business

10 minute period is set aside for any members of the public who wish to raise any issues with the Parish Council.
No request to speak.

9. To accept Apologies for absence –
Tom Nellist, Kevin Hewison, Jonathan Beech, Steve Scotcher, Ed Simcock, Ward Cllr Dave Greenow.
Absent with out apologies: Rachel Leak.

10. To receive Declaration of Interests.

11. Open discussion/public forum, including:-
11.1 Report from local police- sent by e mail

11.2 Report from Ward Councillor
He had hoped to be at the meeting, but due to lambing, sent his apologies. No report sent.

Report from Balfour Beatty
Come out weekly and cllrs can comment on them.

11.3 Public comments/questions
None were raised.

Action: None

12. Acceptance of minutes of the PC meeting (March 2018)

Proposed: PB Seconded: AB

They were duly accepted as a true record of the meeting.

13. Action points from previous meetings –
On agenda or addressed apart from:
Bell Homes: The chair is still awaiting a response from Bell homes.
St Peters Church application for funding: also including the grass cutting there: to be deferred to the next meeting in June.
Finance group: to meet to sign off accounts prior to the meeting in June.

14. Neighbourhood Plan

RB – The draft plan had been submitted to Herefordshire council for its approval before undergoing the Reg 14 consultation. He has just heard back from them that we are able to proceed to the Reg 14 stage, so external agencies will shortly be consulted.

Action: RB and Clerk to mail the agencies as advised.

15. Withington Fields
Update from the Clerk: the field has been inspected by Wicksteed and we are waiting for the official report, however we do need to consider that the rotating wooden cross bar obstacle may well need replacing next year due to wear on the cross bar. Also, the sliding mechanism on the zip wire needs to be replaced as the automatic ‘stop’ mechanism no longer works – cost to be identified in the awaited report. Finally, the clerk asked the clls if they wanted to move the obstacles from the far end of the field to the main play area?

Action ; it was resolved to get the costs for the work mentioned and to bring this back to the June meeting.

16. Lengthsman and P3 Scheme
New contract to sign if we want to remain in the P3 scheme – there is no longer funding for the lengthsman.

It was resolved to remain in the P3 scheme.

17. Foot paths officer reports
MK asked the meeting if they would be prepared to work towards making the Withington footpaths more accessible to people of limited mobility ie changing stiles to gates.

Action: it was resolved that he would find prices of suitable gates and the clerk would find where the football club got theirs from.

18. Tree warden – no report, take off the agenda.

19. The new General Data Protection Regulations: to set up a GDPR working Group to consider the NALC policies before uploading them to the website.
HALC have sent out proforma documents that the clerk can amend for the PC to upload onto the web site once the working group have considered them. It was resolved to empower the working group to agree to these policies.

Action: Clerk to amend the document and circulate them to the working group prior to them being uploaded to the web site.

20. Councillor training – both RB and the Clerk asked for authority to attend training sessions with HALC.

Action: It was resolved that the clerk would make the appropriate bookings.

21. To note contents of the information sheet, and take any comments from that.

Including : The Preston Wynne Village hall. SD explained that Balfour Beatty would not make any improvements to the entrance to the Hall as it was off the highway. The chair asked for the village hall committee to write to the WGPC for them to consider a grant to assist them to do the work themselves.

Also: Letter from Mr Cotton about speed signs extending the slower speed area from Sutton St Nicholas.

Action: the clerk was asked to write back to him voicing the PC’s concerns that the Stallange was not suitable for a mobility scooter given its narrowness and the fact that it is a bus route. Also considered that he cold contact Sutton St Nicholas PC.

Also: Letter from John Baker about the danger of the overgrown hedge on the corner of Duke St. The clerk had forwarded the original e mail to RL for her to take action. But at the time of the meeting nothing had been done.

Action: Clerk to contact localities steward at BB for them to take action.

22. Matters Financial.
a. Balances Yorkshire – Reserve acct £ 9,281.60
Lloyds Parish Acct £17,843.96
Lloyds Withington Field Acct £ 3,156.29 £30.281.85
b. Cheques to be paid
Parish Acct:-
Paye £ 62.70
Clerks Salary £ 882.33
Clerks Expenses £ 77.16
T Griffiths inv 0330 £ 278.40
T Griffiths inv 0329 £ 84.00
T Griffiths inv 0385 £ 982.98
T Griffiths Inv 0389 £ 290.40
T Griffiths inv 0399 £ 50.40
NDP hall hire – WVH £ 80.00
PC Hall hire – WVH £ 32.00
NDP grant repayment £4,126.92 £6,915.29

Withington Field Acct:-
Shelly O’Sullivan £ 80.00
Wicksteed inspection £ 71.00
T Griffiths inv 0328 £ 36.00
T Griffiths inv 0397 £ 36.00
T Griffiths inv 0398 £ 78.72 £ 301.72
Total cheques: £ 7,217.01

It was moved that all cheques should be paid.

Proposed: BW Seconded: JC

c. Receipts: first payment of precept : £10,000 not currently showing on the bank statement, thus not included in the balances above.
d. Application for Financial Aid, None

23. Planning including :
181150 – Groves Field, Cross Keys
A detailed discussion took place, with those making the application present and able to give additional information to the PC.

174487 – Land adjacent to The Minton
The updated application was discussed, but the PC did not feel that they had changed their stance.
The clerk was asked to submit an additional objection as presented.

181020 – Withington Court, Withington
WGPC supports this application.

Action: Chair to pass comments onto the clerk for submission.

24. Receive items for the next agenda (no discussion)
St Peters Church, GDPR, feedback from the finance group. Clerks appraisal.

PC goes into ‘session’ – Due to the confidential nature of the business of this agenda item, under the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 (3) it is proposed to put forward a motion to exclude members of the public during discussion of this agenda item.

25. Clerks appraisal – approval of circulated appraisal and agreement to be sought for the payment of the incremental progression from 1.1.18 and NJCs pay award application to Clerks salary from 1.4.18
Deferred until the June extraordinary meeting.

The meeting closed at 9.02pm

Signed: _________________________ Date: _________________

Dates for future meetings:

Meeting date changed 21st June 7.30pm start
20th Sept 7.30 pm start
15th Nov 7.30 pm start
2018 17th Jan 7.30 pm start

Actions table
Agenda item Action By whom
14 To mail out to all consultees ref Reg 14 for NDP Clerk and Ralph
15 Get costs for zip wire mechanism and moving obstacles Clerk
17 Get costs for gates Martin
19 GDPR forms to be altered and circulated to all cllrs Clerk
20 RB and KH to be booked on training courses Clerk
21 Clerk to contact Mr Cotton Clerk
Contact BB about overgrown Duke St hedge Clerk

Appendix 1.
Chairman’s Annual Report 2017/2018
I would like to start as usual by thanking Sophie for her commitment as clerk and as our rep. for Withington Fields. I must also thank Ralph for covering for me, both for holidays and sickness.
This year the Neighbourhood Plan has taken up our time and is perhaps the most important issue dealt with since we decided to proceed. Thanks to Ralph and his diminishing team we have finally submitted the plan under Regulation 14 and await the County Council’s action before proceeding. The main planning issue in the last twelve months has been the application for two dwellings adjacent to The Minton on Duke Street. As this is still ongoing with no decision by the County I need say no more. We have also been consulted on the details for the development behind Vine Tree Close and again decisions are awaited on the final layout and designs.
Since my last report the ‘chip shop’ has been granted consent on appeal and the development is underway. Hopefully all the concerns will fail to materialise and it will be a welcome asset to the village.
We now consider all planning applications at our main meetings and if necessary call an extraordinary meeting if the timing is wrong. We had two extraordinary meetings this year, but for whatever reason, we didn’t have a quorum at one, however, I hope if we do have to have another one, then more councillors will be able to attend. Unfortunately, we don’t always have a lot of time to arrange them, but we always give at least a weeks notice before they happen.
Withington Fields has not generated any major incidents this year and continues as a major facility.
We learned last year that, due to the governments continuing cuts to the County funding through the block grant, we will have to totally fund the cost of the lengthsman in future years. We have raised the precept slightly to ensure we can continue with the lengthsman and we have identified a councillor in each parish to monitor the work.
I wish to thank those councillors who have represented us on other bodies, or undertaken ‘jobs’ on our behalf, including Jonathan on the Neighbourhood plan, Martin as footpaths officer, and Bob as village hall rep. We all hope that Bob has recovered enough to carry on. We now have a new internal auditor who has completed the audit for 2016/17 with no problems from the external auditor. Thanks to him and Sophie for their work.
Thanks go to Kevin and his team for efficiently running the Village Hall for the benefit of all parishioners, and many other users.
Finally my thanks go to all the councillors who are willing to give their time to serve the Group Parish.
Paul Bainbridge. Chairman, Withington Group Parish Council
10th May 2018