Minutes January 2021

Meeting Held on Thursday 14th January 2021 on Zoom

Present: In the Chair: Ralph Barber (RB), Alison Bainbridge (AB), Martin Kirk (MK), Kevin Hewison (KH), Bob Wood (BW), John Baker (JB); Barclay Rogers (BR), Keith Merrick (KM); Ginette Chadd (GC), Judith Howe (JH), Julie Williams (JW), Simon Dent (SD);

Also: Sophie Glover (Clerk), Paul Andrews (Ward Cllr); Ingrid Heatly (footpath officer);

The Meeting opened at 7.31pm
There will be 10 minutes allowed from 7.30pm for members of the public to raise any issues that they would like the Parish Council to consider.

1. To accept Apologies for absence – Tom Nellist (TN)
Absent with out apologies: Ed Simcock (ES), Sue Rudd (SR); Jonathan Beech (JB),
2. To receive Declaration of Interests.
JBa interest in a planning application 204168; RB has an interest in a cheque payment (Herefordshire & Gloucestershire Canal Trust).

3. Acceptance of minutes of the:- PC meetings (19th Nov 2020)

Proposed: RB Seconded:JH All were in favour
They were duly accepted as a true record of the meetings.

Extraordinary meeting on the 1st December 2020:

Proposed: RB Seconded: JH
They were duly accepted as a true record of the meetings.

Ii. Action Points
From previous meetings completed or on agenda: Sand bags, now ordered and should be delivered to Withington Court Farm; Drainage on Withington Field – clerk had to isolate so meeting was not scheduled.

4. Items raised between meetings: The bull – enforcement have now been asked for their involvement, there is currently no bull but the sign is still up there; footpaths at Nunnington Farm – 2 footpaths now stop in the middle of no-where – previously they have been walked through the farm yard, but recently signs have gone up saying no access to the farm yard – the Herefordshire Council footpath officers are now involved; Chapel estate site request for a ‘children playing sign’ – we have put this back to the council via BB, but are awaiting their views. KH mentioned that it is a very short road, so he was surprised that vehicles could get up to a dangerous speed.

5. Planning including:-
There was a query if everything was being done correctly at the Mintons – enforcement are looking into this at the moment
203867 – Yewtree Cottage Withington Proposed two story extension and detached garage.
Following a discussion, the Comment proposal was: we support the application – 92% agreed and it was resolved to submit a comment to this effect.

203919 – Old School House, Cross Keys Proposed first floor extension and alterations
Following a discussion, the Comment proposal was: We support the application – 100% in favour It was resolved to submit a comment to this effect.

203913 – Land adjoining Duke St, Withington Proposed improvements to existing field access and construction of farm track.
Following a discussion, the Comment Proposal was: WGPC objects to the application – 8 were in favour of the proposal, 2 were against and 2 abstained. It was resolved to submit a comment not supporting the application.

204168 – Land west of Oldhall House, Veldo Lane Proposed new dwelling and garage. JBa left the meeting, with his wife taking over his computer.
It was mentioned that the siting of the garage was commented on as it conflicts with the NDP – which states that the garage should be behind the building line. There was also concern about the size of the dwelling in this country lane part of Veldo Lane where past efforts by the PC were to keep the ridge clear with bungalows screened both in the original Vine Tree and new Bell Homes development .This part of the lane is deemed a priority for pedestrians – with only one house accessible beyond.
Concern was raised about the access being less safe, there being no footpath. It would also mean a second access onto the other plot. Concern was expressed about lack of control of hedging affecting sightlines.
Comment proposal was : that the WGPC object to this planning application on 2 fronts, the siting of the garage and the access – 8 cllrs were in favour of this proposal, 1 was against and 2 abstained. It was resolved to submit a comment objecting to this application as listed above.

Action: clerk to submit comments.

6. Open discussion/public forum including comments from the public and

6.1 Report from Ward Councillor – Cllr Paul Andrews.
The Ward Cllr gave his response to elements that he was looking into from previous meetings.
Southbank – council will continue to object to this.
Lorries – he is working on getting blue signs at both ends of the Radway Rd – he is chasing TRO’s for these.
Preston Wynne – drainage. Could we invoice him what we paid the lengthsman for the drainage work that he did there? Clerk to raise this invoice.
Duke St – slow repainted on the road. He has a meeting in a fortnight with BB on site to ensure that this gets mentioned then.
S106 monies – next week a message will come out of the launch of the access to see where any S106 monies are being allocated in the county. This will be sent out to the clerk next week.
Safety mirror – PA apologised that he had at first said the mirror would be available in a couple of weeks, but this could actually be longer. RB questioned what 2b means when decisions are being made on the speed of procurement for things like that.
The White House – a report from BB has come in on this.
The bypass – there will be a meeting in the beginning of Feb to discuss this further.
Actions: Clerk to raise the drainage invoice for him.

6.2 Local police – None submitted.

6.3 Balfour Beatty – Come out weekly and cllrs can comment on them.
7. Withington Fields –.=
Fencing: still awaiting the lengthsman to get the fencing up around the path to the dog walking area.
Mr Donaldson: has sent some pictures of his garden flooded. Clerk has located a ‘drainage expert’ from BB, there will be a zoom call with him, the Chair and MK to outline our problems there. Following this meeting we hope to meet with the expert and Mr Donaldson to try and resolve this issue.

8. Working parties:-
– War Memorial JBa, MK and KH
JBa explained that we have had the topographical survey done. Historic buildings officer is needed to do a site visit. He and MK have met on site and feel that they should be able to satisfy the listing department. He has an architect drawing a sketch of the proposed walls to the base – this should be out with cllrs shortly.
Action: Clerk to circulate the topographical survey.

RB has received these figures from the council: 121 completed builds, commitments 52. Ie 135% above target. The council are short on their 5 year planned housing stock, so the WGPC needs to address their NDP to update it. A meeting will be arranged by zoom in the coming weeks.

– Changing rooms and car park at the village hall.
We need to pay for a construction environment management plan (CMP) – we will be able to reclaim this from S106 but need to pay the sum first.
KH had received a letter from the football club – they explained how they had done fundraising in the past, but they were concerned that with Covid, the need for changing rooms may well have diminished at least for a couple of years.
Proposal: By KH – to move forward with the CMP, this will enable us to move forward with the car park (whilst it is still quiet.) Seconded BW Agreed 100% of cllrs.
Action: Clerk to confirm that CMP can be paid for from S106 monies even if this is currently just for the carpark, then to go back to the architects to commission the CMP to be done.

– A4103 BW, KH, JW
They are meeting next week to discuss further.

– Vine Tree
AB met with ward cllr, enforcement officer and Bell Homes site manager Terrie Griffiths. Garden gates and bird and bat boxes were mentioned. Water had been running off the tarmac from the Vine Tree development onto Veldo Lane – good work was being done here to prevent this. A footpath with post and wire fencing was suggested with badger holes and gate access on both sides so that maintenance work can be done. The footpath to the coppice will eventually be handed over to the residents committee. Bell Homes will put the path in as we have asked to an agreed specification fenced in 4/5ft and protect the wildlife zone.
AB recommends we thank Mike Jelf at Bell Homes and confirm that this is the last thing that the Parish Council are going to ask them to do, and that Parish Council construct the path through the coppice to link up. The future status of the paths as PROW’s needs to be considered.
AB proposed that we accept their offer to do the work. KH seconded 10 cllrs were in agreement with 2 abstaining.
Action: AB/MK to meet with lengthsman to get his quote. Clerk and AB to write to Bell Homes to progress this last bit of their work on the EZ.

9. Lengthsman Scheme – identification of jobs for the lengthsman.
Do we want to sign up for the lengthsman scheme again for next year? Yes all were in agreement with the clerk to do this.
Action: Clerk to do this paperwork
BR had liaised with the lengthsman in clearing some grips and gullies in Preston Wynne. The lengthsman was then asked to look at doing a quote for some further work in clearing blocked drains in the village.
Action: Clerk to forward this quote as it comes in.

10. Foot paths officers reports
PW: Nothing reported.
WH: Definitive map modifications are still with Herefordshire Council.
W’ton: Nothing other than the Nunnington Court. RB to print off maps for putting on the new notice boards.

11. Tree Warden report – Ingrid Heatly
She had delivered 350 vouchers about free trees for planting. She has had a number of enquiries about trees to encourage wildlife. She attended a meeting about a memorial tree for a parishioner. Location has been identified, the right tree agreed and she will be progressing with this in the coming weeks.

12. Feedback on training or information events attended:
The chair told people about training that was available – it is funded by the PC and cllrs are encouraged to attend a course if it looks interesting. Book places through the clerk please.

13. Update on information Sheet:
Nothing further.

14. Matters Financial.
a. Balances
Public Sector Deposit Fund     (31.11.20) £ 11,550.61
Lloyds Parish Acct                     (22.12.20) £ 21,971.54
Lloyds Withington Field Acct (09.12.20) £ 2,305.01                   £35,827.16
b. Cheques to be paid
Parish Acct:-
Clerks Salary                                                 £ 952.14
Clerks Expenses                                           £ 48.49     £ 1,000.63
PAYE £ 124.98
Herefordshire and Glocestershire Canal £ 25.00
Invar Mapping Surveys Ltd                     £ 325.00
ICO                                                                £  40.00
Total Cheques Parish Acct                                            £ 1,515.61
Withington Field Acct:-
Shelly O’Sullivan                                         £ 80.00
T Griffiths inv 1298                                    £120.00
T Griffiths inv 1297                                    £  48.00
T Griffiths inv 1329                                    £120.00
T Griffiths inv 1330                                   £ 48.00       £ 336.00
Hereford Council Bins                             £ 155.87
RJ & JR Barrell                                         £ 153.60
Total Cheques WF acct                                                 £ 725.47
Total cheques: £2,241.08
It was moved that all cheques should be paid.

Proposed: KH Seconded: JH 11 cllrs supported the payment of cheques 1 abstained.

c. Receipts: None

d. Application for Financial Aid, None

e. Precept setting discussion
With all the discussions since the 1st December meeting it was proposed that the cllrs support the increase as agreed on the 1st December (to £31,000).
All were in favour for this to happen.
Action: Clerk to submit the necessary paperwork.
15. Receive items for the next agenda (no discussion)
Census; Discussion as to whether or not we need to meet more than bi monthly. Chair mentioned that we can leave as it is at the moment, but will try to go for the 3rd Thursday of the month if required.

16. Agreed time and date of next meeting: 18th March 2021.

The meeting closed at 9.02pm

Signed: _________________________ Date: _________________

Dates for 2021 meetings:

18th March 7.30 pm start
Annual Meeting 20th May 7pm start
15th July 7.30pm start
16th Sept 7.30 pm start
18th Nov 7.30 pm start