Minutes July 2020

Withington Group Parish Council
Meeting Held on Thursday 9th July 2020 on Zoom

Present: In the Chair: Ralph Barber (RB), Alison Bainbridge (AB), Martin Kirk (MK), Kevin Hewison (KH), Bob Wood (BW), Jonathan Beech (JB), Tom Nellist (TN), John Baker (JB); Judith Howe (JH), Julie Williams (JW), Ed Simcock (ES), Sue Rudd (SR); Simon Dent (SD),

Also: Sophie Glover (Clerk), Paul Andrews (Ward Cllr); 4 Potential Parish Councillors signed in to introduce themselves prior to the election at the end of the meeting: Rachel Watson; Keith Merrick; Ingrid Heatly; Ginette Chadd; 4 members of public,

The Meeting opened at 7.30pm

1. To accept Apologies for absence
None received
Absent with out apology: Barclay Rogers (BR)

2. To receive Declaration of Interests.
None received

3i Acceptance of minutes of the:- PC meetings (May and June 2020)
Proposed: BW Seconded: JB All were in favour
Proposed: BW Seconded: KH All were in favour
They were duly accepted as a true record of the meetings.

Ii. Action Points
Stile replacement in Westhide – resolved now.
Road surface on Veldo Lane – resolved to get Lengthsman to go and have a look
Tree surgeon for the copse – delayed until September due to bat nesting.
Soil dumping from ‘The Green’ Development – has all been resolved.

4. Planning including discussion calling enforcement officers to account:
TRO Scheme – Lumbar Lane Support was Proposed KH TN Seconded
It was resolved to give full support to this scheme.

200680 – The Hay Meadow, Preston Wynne Going to planning committee on 15th July
It was clarified that this application was being made by a Council family member hence going to planning committee. RB told the meeting of the PC’s last comment. He also explained how the planning committee was going to work during the Corona Virus epidemic.
The chair asked for comments from parishoners: One was concerned about the size of the building. Part of it is for a 10 car garage – in a very rural setting. The chair reminded the meeting of the importance of individuals to also put in their own objections – the PC only has one vote.
Another parishioner voiced concerns about it being a way for the applicant to use the building as a commercial building. Their belief was that the building was totally inappropriate for the site, it looks like a backhand way of getting commercial premises in a very rural setting.
The chair asked the Preston Wynne councillors for their views, they fully supported the objections, however one cllr raised the point that most of the applicants complaints were living in houses who had been built in the last 3 years.
Proposer: BW Seconded SR all were in favour of continuing to refuse the application. The PW cllrs were asked to prepare a statement for submission to the planning committee.

Action: SR to write the submission statement in conjunction with the other PW councillors, then pass this on to the clerk for submission.

5. Open discussion/public forum including comments from the public and

5.1 Report from Ward Councillor – Cllr Paul Andrews talked about:- The chip shop sign on Springfield Road, where he is still waiting to hear if an appeal has been asked for.
TRO Southbank/Duke St: tied up as per the S106 monies comments below.
S106: monies – there has been a delay due in part to Covid 19 taking HC staff off their usual roles. Shortly, there will be rolled out a way for people to see all S106 monies and when they are going to be available.
Lumbar Lane TRO should be in the process of happening.
Flood work at Preston Wynne: PA has chased this up, but still nothing back from BB as yet.
There was a crash on the A4103 at the White House last night and the home owners are very concerned, PA visited them before the meeting to hear their concerns.
Sonas House: A letter was sent by the planning officer asking the agent for more information on the first application.
MK: Asked about the bypass, would it be going East or West, PA said a report would be out in 6 weeks on this.
The new development along the A4103 have asked for extended working hours and PA asked for comments. JB mentioned that they are already working many hours. RB asked about what we could do about it if issues.PA answered talk with planning and it would be a noise enforcement issue.
20 mph speed limit on Duke St using Covid funding through the HC to implement this. The Ward Councillor felt that the police may feel that they could struggle to police the new lower limit.
Generally the cllrs were in support of this. ES was keen to try and get a 30mph speed limit through Preston Wynne.
Action: PA to look into how this scheme could be implemented, both in Withington and in Preston Wynne. To inform the clerk should any paperwork need to be completed to start this process.

5.2 Local police – Nothing received. Clerk to invite CPSO to talk about Smartwater villages at next meeting.

5.3 Balfour Beatty – Reports come out weekly and cllrs can comment on them.

5.4 20 mph speed limit along Duke St – discussed earlier.

6. Withington Fields
Fencing contractor is going to quote to replace fence along dog walking path.
Covid and the playground- new guidelines are coming out from Herefordshire Council as to how and when we can reopen playgrounds. RB/MK/SG to meet on site and discuss.
Clerk to check with insurance about opening the play ground post covid.
Litter picker to be warned about covid and litter.

7. Changing rooms and car park at the village hall.
KH told the meeting about the working group, explaining that the architect had been asked to amend the plans slightly. These were circulated to all cllrs last week. He covered a couple of errors on these plans, one being that the whole car park including its extension will be in tarmac, the ‘overflow’ extension will be in grass crete. Also, opposite the changing rooms will be a double gate, not a single gate to allow teams to walk through as a group. These will only be opened when there are matches. The VHMC met last week and they were happy for the plans to proceed.
He asked if every one was happy for the plans to be submitted for planning. Proposed by:KH Seconded BW all were in favour. It was resolved for KH to submit the plans and for the architect to proceed with the planning application.

8. Lengthsman Scheme – identification of jobs for the lengthsman.

MK was asked to go to the WF and look at the grass around the edges of the site to see if the lengthsman or Countrywide Grounds Maintenance did need to go and cut the grass in an attempt to reduce litter being left there to attract rats.

9. Foot paths officers reports
PW: no report sent
WH: Julie said that all was fine there.
W’ton: The path down from Veldo Lane has been sprayed and is much better. WT34 has a stile that needs attention, MK will forward photos to the clerk for action. There is mountains of dog muck along Veldo Lane – it is really horrible.
In Bartestree there is a map of parish walks, he suggested that this was a possible idea for the parishes in the future.

10. Training or information events attended: Parish Council Summit; Halc training
The chair told the meeting about HALC training events and said how good the summit was. JH said that she would attend the Summit if no one else wanted to attend. RB will also attend if no one else is keen.

11. NDP: When to look at updating/reviewing the document
The Parish will need to consider updating their NDP, housing figures are due out next month. Once these numbers come out, we can have a discussion at the next meeting in September.

12. To note contents of the information sheet, and take any comments from that.
Foot path in the coppice at Withington. Currently there is a stile but no path after it. The Chair suggested that he, MK and the chair of the management committee for the development should meet at the site to look at this.

13. Matters Financial.

a. Balances
Public Sector Deposit Fund (30.06.20)    £ 9,334.11
Lloyds Parish Acct (02.06.20)                    £32,514.19
Lloyds Withington Field Acct (29.06.20) £ 6,604.68                 £48,452.98

b. Cheques to be paid
Parish Acct:-
Clerks Salary                                           £ 513.48
Clerks Expenses                                     £ 52,89                               £566.37
Countrywide inv Church grass June £ 45.60
Countrywide inv graves grass June  £ 66.00
Countrywide inv Church grass June (2) £ 45.60
Countrywide inv graves grass June (2)  £ 66.00                        £223.20
T Griffiths roads work July (1)          £ 20.40
T Griffiths roads work July (2)         £ 150.00                            £170.40
Eyelid productions                              £ 50.00
GVA (internal auditors)                     £ 210.00
 Parish Account    Total cheques                 £1219.97

Withington Field Acct:-
Shelly O’Sullivan                                £ 80.00
Countrywide June inv                      £ 78.00
Countrywide June (2) inv               £ 78.00
T Griffiths wf checks                        £ 36.00
T Griffiths wf work after inspection £ 213.60                          £485.60

Total cheques: £1,705.57

It was moved that all cheques should be paid.

Proposed: SR Seconded: KH

c. Receipts: Interest from savings acct £5.71

d. Application for Financial Aid, None

14. Introduction to prospective new Councillors
The Chair asked the 4 prospective cllrs if they were still keen to join the PC. Their information had been circulated to all current cllrs prior to the meeting and the chair then outlined how we were holding the voting.  All were keen to still be involved and wanted to be considered in the vote.

15. Vote on co-option of new councillors
The chair outlined how to vote would work, all cllrs were asked to e mail the clerk with their 2 preferred choices for the 2 places available. They were asked to do this before 1pm on the 10th July. The clerk would count the vote, and if there were 2 clear winners she would let them know on the 10th, as well as thanking those who were not successful for applying. All cllrs would then be made aware of the outcome.

16. Receive items for the next agenda (no discussion)
The Changing rooms, NDP, feedback from the PC Summit, the ditch at PW

The meeting closed at 8.50pm

Signed: _________________________ Date: _________________

Dates for 2020/21 meetings:

17th September 7.30 pm start
19th November 7.30 pm start
2021 21st January 7.30 pm start
18th March 7.30 pm start