Minutes March 2018

Withington Group Parish Council Meeting
Thursday 15th March 2018


In attendance: Paul Bainbridge(PB) – In the Chair, Alison Bainbridge (AB), Kevin Hewison (KH), Martin Kirk (MK), Simon Dent (SD), Ralph Barber(RB), Bob Wood (BW), Rachael Leake (RL) until 20. Ed Symcock (ES), Sarah Winwood (SW), Jonathan Beech (JB) until 20.40.


Also: Sophie Glover (Clerk): and members of the public


7.31pm meeting started


10 minute period is set aside for any members of the public who wish to raise any issues with the Parish Council.

None present.

  1. To accept Apologies for absence

Tom Nellist (TN), James Callow (JC), Sue Rudd (SR), Steve Scotcher (SS),

Ward Councillor, David Greenow (DG)


  1. To receive Declaration of Interests.

RL on Vine Tree and adjacent to The Mintons planning.


3.1Report from Ward Councillor – He had not given one.

3.2Report from local police– sent by e mail Action: Clerk to forward the football club contact ie Steve Caine so that Bart can link in with him.

3.3 Reports from Balfour Beatty– Come out weekly and cllrs can comment on them.

4. Acceptance of minutes of the PC meeting (Jan 2018) and the extraordinary meeting (Feb 2018)Proposed: KH Seconded: SD

They were duly accepted as a true record of the meeting.

  1. Action points from previous meetings

On agenda or addressed.

  1. Neighbourhood Plan

RB – The consultation draft has been circulated for Cllrs to have read before this meeting. RB asked if there were any questions from the meeting before he asked for their approval to submit the document for Reg 14. Moved for it to go to Reg 14, seconded by the Chair, and all were in favour. RB thanked JB for his hard work with getting the funding for this.

Action: The document will be forwarded to Herefordshire Council for the next step.

  1. Withington Fields.i) Update from the Clerk:

The hedges on the field have been cut, some for the first time in a while. This has resulted in holes in the hedges (until the hedge grows) and dogs can escape from the dog walking area. This has resulted in a parishioner asking if we are going to stock fence the area. Following a discussion, the Chair suggested that ‘wandering’ dogs should be kept under control, and as we live in a rural area, the feeling was that we should leave nature to thicken the hedges itself, although the lengthsman has some hedging whips which he was going to add to our hedges to help to thicken them.

ii) Request from Bell Homes if the PC wants to take over expanded coppice area.

The Chair reminded the meeting that the PC had previously been asked if they wanted to take over the open space between the coppice and the development and had indicated a willingness to so do. The Chair explained that the environmental landscape people had said a strip of land had to be left between the gardens and the coppice to allow bats and badgers to thrive. The Chair has asked for a fence to be put along the coppice side as well, and he has asked for a sum of monies to look after the land for 13 yrs, with Bell Homes looking after it for the first 2 years, to take on responsibility for replacing any trees which do not ‘take‘ in the strip. We’d take it on after this first 2 yrs. Bell homes have agreed to £500 per year. He asked for the permission of the PC to take this on. BW: how will the home owners maintain the exterior of their fences? ES: It could just become a dumping ground – what will stop it from becoming a waste area for grass clippings and rubbish? Chair; its only 5 houses so they will be asked to not do so. MK; what happens if we say no? Chair; the maintenance organisation who will be looking after the other areas of the estate would look after it.

Chair asked for authority to continue negotiations, and he’d bring it back to the next meeting for final details. Seconded by RB.

Action ; Chair to continue the discussion.

  1. Withington Village Hall

Nothing to report.

  1. The new General Data Protection Regulations

The clerk is attending training on the 16th March and will feed back any findings to the PC.

Action: Add to May agenda

  1. To note contents of the information sheet, and take any comments from that.

Including: Appointment of new councillor:

Prospective new councillor was unable to attend so this is to be moved to the next agenda.

Lengthsman and P3 scheme – Working group has been identified to look at lengthsman work. (SR, SD, JC, PB) Also, jobs identified for the lengthsman.

MK had received a phone call from a parishioner living at West Lydiat lane, saying that ‘undesirables’ were walking along West Lydiat Lane. The meeting discussed their thoughts as to whether or not this was an unadopted lane or a private lane. No action was felt necessary to be taken.

Action: Clerk to pass on to the group jobs that she gives to the lengthsman.

Gates ; As raised by MK; clerk to put on the next agenda. Lengthsman is happy to purchase kissing gates with any left over monies this year, and he’ll fit them next year.

Parishes need salt deposits refilled back in our parishes.

Hastings Corner, Preston Wynne salt bin has disappeared, need a new bin. Action: tell BB

11. Matters Financial

Yorkshire Bank (at Dec 2017): £9,281.60

Lloyds Parish Acct (8.2.18) : £20,495.45

Lloyds WF Acct (22.2.18) : £ 5,268.27

No cheques received this period.

Cheques to be authorised at this meeting:

From Parish Acct:

Paye £98.86

Clerks Salary £964.30

Clerks expenses £20.00

Information Commissioners office £35.00

Wiser Hosting £66.00

HALC subs £867.13

NDP Hall hire £160.00

NDP Banners from Bespoke Visual Solutions £100.00

NDP Maps – Hoople £331.20

From Withington Field Account

Shelly O’Sullivan £80.00

Lengthsman work

TGC 0283 £36.00

TGC 0284 £343.20

TGC 0285 £73.20

TGC 0286 £690.00

TGC 0315 £36.00

TGC 0310 £164.40

TGC 0311 £480.00

TGC 018 £85.68

Herefordshire council for bins £123.50

Application for financial Aid

St Peter’s Church, Withington.

It was moved that all cheques should be paid.

Proposed: BW Seconded: RL


Application for Financial Aid, St Peters Church.

The work will cost £60,000 due to the building being listed. There is a request that in the future, S106 funding might be utilised to assist with this. Chair has been through the existing S106 agreements, and there is not the capacity there to assist from this funding source. NALC have sent us a document about financial assistance to churches, which suggests we are unable to support churches now.

KH felt that the PC had never been asked to suggest where S106 monies should be spent.

BW; the church has asked for financial aid, where else had they applied for funds? KH said that info would be out in the public domain. He currently had tenders out for the contract to the build. When they have a contractor, they will be able to apply for grants, and then the PCC will come back to the PC to see if they need further support.

The Chair ; the clerk had circulated a NALC document in early Feb, that outlined that PC’s should not be funding churches in any way.

  1. Planning including :

Bell Homes – rear of Vine Tree Close

Lay out and house designs, is currently under discussion. There are minimal changes to the house designs, a large storage tank will sit under the central rec area to allow slow dispersal of water.

There are no three story houses on the development.

There had been an email from a home owner at Vine Tree saying that a street light outside 5 Vine Tree was going to have to be moved, and they didn’t want it outside their home. The chair had advised them to go directly to the planning department.

174487 – Land adjacent the Mintons

RL left the room.

There has been various correspondence from the Highways team. There will be a site meeting at 22 March at 2pm with the senior Highways officer. The conservation officer has also been in contact, and those present were concerned that he didn’t seem to know the site at all. The conservation officer wanted the space maintained in order to keep the conservation area.

180626 – Subrosa Cottage – proposed extension

Is actually in Withington, not Westhide. This is a small extension, a summer room, away from the road, and the chair suggested that it didn’t need a PC comment.

Action: No comments to submit

  1. Receive items for the next agenda (no discussion)

Co-option of new cllr; GDPR;

The meeting closed at 8.58pm



Dates for future meetings:


PC and Annual meetings 10th May 7.00 pm start
5th July 7.30 pm start
20th Sept 7.30 pm start
15th Nov 7.30 pm start