Minutes March 2020

Withington Group Parish Council
Meeting Held on 9th March 2020

Present: Paul Bainbridge (PB), Alison Bainbridge (AB), Kevin Hewison (KH), Bob Wood (BW), Jonathan Beech (JB), Tom Nellist (TN), John Baker (JB); Barclay Rogers (BR), Ralph Barber (RB), Judith Howe (JH), Sue Rudd (SR);

Also: Sophie Glover (Clerk), Paul Andrews (Ward Cllr)
The Meeting opened at 7.30pm

10 minute period is set aside for any members of the public who wish to raise any issues with the Parish Council.
39 members of the public present, 38 of whom left after item 3 had been discussed.

1. To accept Apologies for absence – Simon Dent; Julie Williams; Martin Kirk; Sarah Winwood;
Absent with out apologies: Ed Simcock
2. To receive Declaration of Interests: Bob Wood expressed a non-pecuniary interest in planning application 200377.

3. Planning including
200207: Land to the North of Southbank, Withington, outline planning for 46 dwellings
The Chair talked through the application, mentioning the insertion of the footpath along Duke St, despite the fact that local highway engineers said that the road was not wide enough for a path. He said that the adopted NDP would add weight to the fight to stop this planning application.
PB had circulated a draft response to this application to all councillors, he explained that he would be asking the other Councillors to support this later in the event. He thanked Mrs Chadd for her hard work in informing people about the application.
From the floor: concerns about the quality of the surface on Withies Rd already, added transport will only make this worse. He added that traffic lights will not help with the current planning application.
Question: where will the sewage go? In the recent floods human waste came up through the bath, sink and toilet.
On the new estate the drainage pond did not work, it flooded and came into peoples homes.
Proposal is to build on 55% of the field surface, taking away hedges and trees, so this area will now drain straight down the hill.
How will they justify cars coming out onto the lane to the north? With 2 cars per house this will be completely unsustainable for the tiny lane.
The capacity for the school: there was 1 vacancy at the village primary school this year, Aylstone High school also had just 1 space, so where will the children be educated?
Where the path is indicated in the NW corner, the land is privately owned and is not for sale. The public were clear that there was not enough room there for a path.
It was suggested that the Parish Council objection, if approved, would go onto the website for all to see.
KH moved to accept the draft response. This was seconded by BW All present were in favour.

200200: Corner off Springfield Rd and C1131 Withies Rd: Advertising banner on boundary wall
No objection moved and seconded. 5 in support, 2 against and one abstained

200201: Signs along the A4103 between Radway Bridge and Whitestone Baptist Chapel
It was suggested that the PC should object to the application due to it being retrospective and they do not trade on the road where they are advertising. It was felt that it was distracting and was urbanisation. It was moved to Object to the application: 9 against with 2 abstaining. It was suggested that, in addition, a letter was sent to the planning department to mention the number of signs put out by Radway nurseries.

200377: 33 Vine Tree Close: proposed rear Extension

Moved from the Chair not to comment as it does not affect any one but the neighbours. All cllrs in agreement.

Action: Clerk to submit all planning comments

4 Reports from:-
4.1 Ward Councillor – Cllr Paul Andrews
He said that he would support the parish especially on their comments on 200207.
Flooding issues: Belwyn funding is now available, blocked gullies and grips can be reported to Herefordshire Council to get access to this funding.

Action: Clerk to submit the lengthsman invoice for when he cleared the drains in Preston Wynne during the flooding there. Resolved to send an invoice to Balfour Beatty instead.

BW thanked our Ward Cllr for his hard work on behalf of the parishes.

4.2 Local police – Nothing received.

4.3 Balfour Beatty – Reports come out weekly.

5. Acceptance of minutes of the:– PC meeting (Jan 2020) and the Extraordinary Feb meeting.

Jan meeting Proposed: RB Seconded: BW
Feb meeting Proposed: KH Seconded: JH
They were duly accepted as a true record of the meeting.

6. Action points from previous meetings –
On agenda or addressed apart from: Balfour Beatty looking into Preston Wynnes flooding issues.

7. Update on S106 developments
No further info at this time. But, at the Baptist Church development they have had their amendments approved so there will be little S106 money coming in from that development, approximately £12,000.

8. Withington Fields –
Update from the Clerk: who informed the meeting about the problem with flooding at Bramble Cottage gardens and garage. The lengthsman had submitted a very thorough report which the cllrs thanked him for.

9. Changing rooms and car park at the village hall.
The Chair asked the clerk to chase the architect to get them to send us their first draft plans.

Action: Clerk to contact the architects.

10. Lengthsman Scheme – identification of jobs for the lengthsman.
The chair is meeting him to get the corner of Duke St sorted out.
Veldo Lane, there is much mud along there, and there has now been a large vehicle that has sprayed this all over the pavement
Action: Clerk to tell Balfour Beatty so that they can clean the pavement.

11. Foot paths officers reports
Nothing reported.

12. Training or information events attended: The Parish Council Summit 2nd April RB attending. (Summit has now been cancelled)

13. To note contents of the information sheet, and take any comments from that.

14. Matters Financial.

a. Balances Yorkshire – Reserve acct £ closed
Public Sector Deposit Fund £ 9,313.10
HSBC Parish Acct (15.03.20) £28,426.06
HSBC Withington Field Acct £ 3,191.32 £40,930.48

b. Cheques to be paid
Parish Acct:-
Clerks Salary £ 947.51
Clerks Expenses £ 48.92
PAYE £ 79.45
Terry Griffiths, inv 753, 734, 997, 996, 1001
£ 1,618.80
Withington Field Acct:-
Shelly O’Sullivan £ 80.00
RJ and JR Barrell – hedge cutting £ 108.00
T Griffiths Field acct inv 884, 995 £ 72.00
Withington Village Hall £ 32.00 £ 292.00

Total cheques: £4,134.37

It was moved that all cheques should be paid.

Proposed: KH Seconded: JB

Internal transfer: £543.50 paid from Parish Acct to WF acct for VAT repayment..
Cheques paid between meetings: None
c. Receipts: None
d. Application for Financial Aid, Courtyard theatre – clerk to circulate to cllrs.

15. Receive items for the next agenda (no discussion)
Approval of the updated Finance Regs.

The meeting closed at 8.45pm

Signed: _________________________ Date: _________________

Dates for 2020 meetings:

Annual Meeting 21st May 7pm start
New date 9th July 7.30 pm start
17th September 7.30 pm start
19th November 7.30 pm start