Minutes March 2022

Withington Group Parish Council
Meeting Held on Thursday 24th March 2022
At 7.30pm in Withington Village Hall

Present: In the Chair: Kevin Hewison (KH); Alison Bainbridge (AB); Jonathan Beech (JB); Ingrid Heatly (IH); Barclay Rogers (BR); John Bennetts (JBen); Paul Hudd (PH); Judith Howe (JH); Anna Green (AG); Julie Williams (JW);

Also: Sophie Glover (Clerk), 1 member of public – Deputy Head from Withington Primary School Mr Rob Kay

The Meeting opened at 7.30pm

1. Public open session: Up to 10 minutes was allowed from 7.30pm for members of the public to raise any issues that they would like the Parish Council to consider: Nothing raised.

2. To accept Apologies for absence – Howard Mansell (HM); Simon Dent (SD); Bob Wood (BW); Bob Rudd (BR); Sue Rudd (SR); Tom Nellist (TN); Paul Andrews (Ward Cllr);

3. To receive Declaration of Interests.
None received

4. Acceptance of minutes of the:- PC meeting (Jan 2022) and extra ordinary meeting (Feb 2022)

PC meeting (Jan 2022)

Proposed: Chair Seconded:JH All were in favour.
They were duly accepted as a true record of the meetings.

Extra ordinary meeting (Feb 2022)

Proposed: Chair Seconded: JH All were in favour.
They were duly accepted as a true record of the meetings.

5. Action Points from previous meetings.
Completed or on agenda apart from : Wood chip in the Copse – the lengthsman and Martin Meredith have both been asked to quote to put the path in between the new paths, once we have a price for putting in this more permanent path the PC will be asked to decide whether they want to go this way or to use wood chip; potential road collapse in Preston Wynne: drainage grant has been applied for and approved when the grant becomes available we can get the work done. Dangerous bridge on C1130. JBen has prepared a report which he sent to the Ward Cllr for him to apply to Balfour Beatty for assistance in the work that needs to be done.
Action: Clerk to check where the Ward Cllr is with this.

6. Open discussion/public forum
6.1 Report from Ward Councillor – Cllr Paul Andrews had sent an electronic update for the meeting which the Chair went through. Report attached to the end of these minutes.

6.2 Local police – no one was able to attend but they had been informed that the CCTV was being installed soon.

6.3 Balfour Beatty – Reports come out weekly and cllrs can comment on them.

7. Ramp at school and signage: Mrs Sharon Slough, school bursar was to be in attendance, but the deputy head was present, Rob Kay. He explained that the school would always try to be in attendance at a Parish Council meeting if there were items on any future agenda that pertained to the school or their pupils. He explained that the school did not have a budget to carry out this work themselves.
Following a discussion, it was resolved to approach the ward Cllr to see what can be done to approach the church who own the glebe land next to the school to work on trying to get access to the school across this. It was felt that the local council should be responsible for getting children a ‘safer route to school’.
JBa had met with the Ward Cllr and John Harrington on Duke St and both agreed that something needed to be done.
Action: create a working group to identify exactly what could happen should more housing come to the Parish S106 monies could be allocated to this area. Proposed working group: JBa, Paul Andrews, and either Rob or Sharon from the school.

8. Planning –
8.1 Applications: To consider comments on applications to be determined by Herefordshire Council as listed below or on the Herefordshire Council Planning website prior to the meeting:-

220478: Land adjacent to The Whitehouse, Whitestone: New dwelling, complete new access and parking.
They had had planning permission many years ago and this has now been resurrected. It was pointed out that the land floods and there is no access statement.
It was moved to make a objection to the application unless they can produce a clear drainage plan to alleviate the flooding and not just to put this onto the neighbouring properties. The PC would support the principal of developing the site but felt that at this time they need more information.

Proposed: JB Seconded: JH
Action: clerk to submit all of the above the comments.

Feed back from Planning Committee where 21331: Field west of Oldhall was refused by the committee.

212357 – Field West of Oldhall House Veldo Lane: was discussed, this one was approved but did not have balconies overlooking Duke St. No outside lighting, no further development, it was felt that this housing was much more in keeping with the area.

Update on TEKSS application: They did come back to the Parish Council following the last meeting – where they were in attendance, however the meeting felt that they were only making minor alterations to their original pitch. It was proposed to write to the council saying that a proposal for a community grant had been proposed.

Action: words to be provided by JH and AG clerk to send to Ward Cllr and Kevin Bishop.

8.2 Planning decisions made: None apart from those above.

8.3 Herefordshire Local Plan : Spatial Options: AB had completed the form, she went through what she had identified from it.

9. Financial:
a. Balances
Public Sector Deposit Fund (28.02.22) £ 14,106.43
Lloyds Parish Acct (21.03.22) £ 21,720.79
Lloyds Withington Field Acct (28.02.22) £ 4,042.72 £39,869.94

b. Cheques to be paid
Parish Acct:-
Clerks Salary £ 930.27
Clerks Expenses £ 42.31
Replacement defib batteries £ 65.99 £ 1,038.57
Halc / Nalc Subs and affiliation £ 1,204.94
Withington Village Hall Nov 21 £ 8.00
Open event £ 14.00
Dec 21 £ 12.00
Jan/Feb 22 £ 34.00 £ 68.00
£ 2,311.51

Withington Field Acct:-
Shelly O’Sullivan – bins £ 80.00
Hereford Council – bins £ 168.35
CF Roberts – Electrical repairs pavilion £ 197.10
RJ & JR Barrell £ 172.80
£ 618.25

Total cheques: £2,929.76

Approval sought for payment upon receipt of invoice:
Printer: £70.00
Repair of the Maypole. Replacement of the ‘Spoolers’ identified by Timberplay as being necessary. The PC approved the purchases of the parts, but resolved to ask the lengthsman to put them in place.

It was moved that all cheques should be paid.

Proposed: KH Seconded: JH All cllrs were in favour of making the payments.

c. Receipts: HMRC VAT refund: Withington Account: £ 779.50
Parish Account £10,906.41 £11,685.91

d. Application for Financial Aid:

Withington Jubilee Celebrations: £500 requested. £500 granted

Preston Wynne Jubilee Celebrations: £650 requested. £300 granted

Westhide Jubilee Celebrations: £200 requested. £200 granted

The meeting were minded to support the jubilee events, but not to the full extent. It was considered giving a payment to each of the parishes to have a good jubilee experience.
It was proposed to allocate a grant for the community to use.
£500 to Withington, £300 to Preston Wynne and £200 to Westhide.

Proposed: AB Seconded: IH All were in favour.

Action : clerk to submit the payments.

10. Withington Fields – the clerk told the meeting that CF Roberts had done an great job in repairing/ replacing elements of the lighting system in the pavilion – damaged by vandals. She also confirmed that all of the hedges around the field had been cut as agreed.
11. Working parties:-

– A4103/A465: KH told the meeting that they had approached BB for costings for specific road improvements. They have come back with three options, and wont cost the projects until the PC selects their preferred option – however, they have missed out the Bromyard Road all together so KH is going back to them to get this included.
Action: KH to continue pushing for costings for all of the works that the PC wants.
12. Lengthsman Scheme – identification of jobs for the lengthsman.
Update on the steps at Duke St: the Ward Cllr has passed this onto the enforcement team in order to try and gain access to the land at the top of the steps to get this work done.
JH has provide the clerk with information about drainage problems in Westhide. She has identified grips and gullies that need work.
Action: Clerk to task the lengthsman with getting this done.

Cutting the parish verges: Preston Wyne all verges to be cut twice.
Westhide: Leave from Westhide to Withington Court out of the spring cut, but cut the rest.
Withington , cut all twice.

Action: clerk to inform BB.

13. Foot paths officers reports
PW: Nothing to report.
Westhide: Nothing to report.
W’ton: JBe has been following up the gate at Withington Court – the lengthsman has it in his yard, JBe to find out if landowner or lengthsman will fit it. At Nonnington, the PRoW officer is looking into the ongoing problems there.

14. Tree Warden report – Ingrid Heatly the Tree Warden, thanked every one for coming to plant 200 trees at the weekend.

15. Feedback on any training or meetings attended: None attended.

16. Electric Vehicle charging: update from KH. Indra are looking for village halls in Herefordshire to put in a charger (5 across H’fd and Worcestershire) He has applied for one.

17. CCTV on the village hall:
KH explained it is being installed on Wednesday and Thursday next week.
Action: Cllrs were invited to come on the Thursday to understand how it all works. KH and BW will be in attendance and would welcome any others.
It was identified that WGPC need to decide how this will run and policies that need to be written to outline how data can be accessed.
Action: AG will look further into what should be considered in the policy.

18. Queens Jubilee/ Queens Green Canopy. Grants discussed earlier.

19. Items for Facebook Site and / or social media for WGPC AG is the link person for Social media.

20. Receive items for the next agenda (no discussion)
Traffic and Highway improvements paper. Defibrillators.

21. Agreed time and date of next meeting: Annual Parish meetings will be on 19th May 2022 starting at 7.00pm with the May Parish Council meeting to follow.

PC went into ‘session’ barring all members of the press and public.

22. Resolution on clerks appraisal and salary. – minutes have been redacted.
It was proposed that from April 1st, the clerk should be moved to the agreed pay scale.

In regard to Payroll: So far the clerk has been doing this herself, the recommendation from HALC is to go to a payroll provider so that the PC shows that they are looking at good financial safety measures and that the clerk is not calculating her own salary. Diane Malley from DM Payroll Services was suggested by the clerk who has used her at another Parish Council, she had submitted a quote to do this for the PC at a cost of £120 pa.
Proposed from the chair Seconded: AG All were in agreement.

The meeting closed at 9.25pm

Signed: _________________________ Date: _________________


Dates for 2022 meetings:

Annual Meeting 19th May 7.00 pm start
14th July 7.30 pm start
22nd September 7.30 pm start
17th November 7.30 pm start


Withington Parish Council Ward Report 24.03.2022

Dear all,

Sorry I am not able attend tonight’s meeting. Due to having a previously arranged meeting

Firstly I would like to thank the parish for commenting on the planning application in Veldo Lane 212357 that went to committee last week and was refused. Also thank you to parish councillors on their time on this matter. Just an update on the other application on this site 214331 this has now been approved with conditions under delegated powers.

Secondly I have asked for a conditional redirection to commitee on the application for a bungalow at Vine tree Close no 214637.

Thirdly thank you to all the volunteers that help plant the trees at Withington Village Hall and fields. I am glad that I could help you for a few hours.

Lastly I have an update on the s106 monies for transport which are £237,746.94 at present. I also have a spread sheet showing monies spent already but it is tied up with other parishes. Once I have separated them I will forward over to Sophie your clerk.

I have asked if monies can be used for a ramp inside the school. I await a reply.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Stay safe and I will be at your next meeting in the flesh.

Best wishes,
Cllr Paul Andrews