Minutes November 2018

Withington Group Parish Council
Meeting Held on Thursday 15th November 2018

Present: Paul Bainbridge (PB); Alison Bainbridge (AB); Ralph Barber (RB), John Baker (JBa); Jonathan Beech (JB); Jim Callow (JC); Simon Dent (SD); Kevin Hewison (KH); Martin Kirk (MK); Steve Scotcher (SS); Rachel Leake (RL)

Also: Sophie Glover (Clerk), 1 member of the public.
The Meeting opened at 7.32pm

10 minute period is set aside for any members of the public who wish to raise any issues with the Parish Council.
Nothing raised.

1. To accept Apologies for absence –
Sarah Winwood; Tom Nellist; Bob Wood ; Sue Rudd (SR); Ed Simcock (ES); Ward Cllr Dave Greenow
2. To receive Declaration of Interests.
None reported
3.1 Report from Ward Councillor
Cllr Greenow had rung in and sent his apologies along with the following comment that he had talked to the Chip Shop owner about his application for a storage shed for the shop, and he was minded to support this application.
3.2 Report from local police
They have informed the parishes that they hope to attend at least 2 meetings a year.
3.3 Report from Balfour Beatty
These come out weekly and cllrs can comment on them.

4. Acceptance of minutes of the Parish Council Meetings (Sept and Oct 2018)

Proposed: AB Seconded: KH

They were both accepted as a true record of the meetings.

5. Action points from previous meetings –
On agenda or addressed apart from: Cutting hedges on Duke St.- the land owner was present and thanked the meeting for reminding her that this was an action for her to undertake.

Action: clerk to add to next agenda

6. Neighbourhood Plan
The plan is at stage 15, so it is with Herefordshire Council awaiting being put forward to Reg 16 consultation by them. This should take 6 – 8 weeks and following this, the council will be given a list of 3 examiners for them to chose one from.

Action: clerk to send the link about Reg 16 to all cllrs.

7. Withington Fields –
Maypole play equipment has been repaired.
Repair to the zip line has happened this week and happily, it did not need to have the expensive sliding mechanism replaced.
Action ; None at present.

8. Withington Village Hall
No comment.

9. Lengthsman and P3 Scheme
Reminder to cllrs to let the clerk know if there are any jobs for the lengthsman.

10. Foot paths officers reports
MK fed back about foot paths that get ploughed up – they do get walked back to path status, but it was felt to be better if they are not ploughed up or sewn. RL mentioned that enough people walk the path to make the path solid. MK tried to make the point that for the walkers it would be easier if it wasn’t ploughed to the edges. SD spoke in farmers defences saying how hard it was to maintain the edges with the large farm machinery that they are using these days.
Westhide and Preston Wynne: nothing to report.

11. Training/other meetings
HALC conference this Saturday. Halc training list has been circulated.

12. War Memorial
A letter had been received by a parishioner requesting that she could do some tidying up of our war memorial. It was also felt that the war memorial might be due a clean. JBa has been in touch with the War Memorial Trust, who might fund this work. He has sent them photographs, and we are in a queue to hear about what level of support we might receive.

Action: Wait to see if we need to find any money to support this work. Chair suggested putting money in the budget for some general maintenance.

13. Section 106 agreement
I Report on meeting held 15.11.18
The Chair told the meeting about the discussions that had been held the previous day with officers from Herefordshire Council. They were very positive and it seems likely that we will be able to use some of the S106 monies that are due in the coming months towards both Changing Rooms for the football club and for additional parking for the village hall, as both things are in fact related. He suggested that a meeting should happen between the VHC, WGPC and the football club and this will be arranged in the coming weeks.

Ii Discussion on the petition for traffic calming on Duke St
The chair provided a map supplied by the HC officers about traffic calming measures for Withington that had been suggested to Balfour Beatty who will be undertaking a traffic survey to see how the village roads are used by motorists.

14. To note contents of the information sheet, and take any comments from that.
Nothing added.

15. Matters Financial.
a. Balances Yorkshire – Reserve acct £ 9,281.60
HSBC Parish Acct £26,977.64
HSBC Withington Field Acct £ 5,614.21 £41,873.45
b. Cheques to be paid
Parish Acct:-
Paye £ 74.87
Clerks Salary £ 917.33
Clerks Expenses £ 107.79
S Glover (2 x flashdrives) £ 39.96
T Griffiths inv 0550 £ 126.00
T Griffiths inv 0548 £ 48.00
T Griffiths inv 0549 £ 48.00
T Griffiths inv 0547 £ 38.40
Country Wide inv 26047 £ 157.20
Country Wide inv 30501 £ 157.20
PKF Littlejohn Auditor £ 240.00
Zurich Insurance £ 857.00 £2,811.75

Internal transfer

Withington Field Acct:-
Shelly O’Sullivan £ 84.20
Country Wide inv 30502 £ 156.00
Country Wide inv 26048 £ 156.00
Country Wide inv 24800 £ 60.00
T Griffiths inv 0546 £ 48.00
T Griffiths inv 0545 £ 36.00
£ 540.20

Total external cheques: £3,351.95

It was moved that all cheques should be paid.

Proposed: PB Seconded: KH

c. Receipts: 2nd half of precept……£10,000

d. Application for Financial Aid, had been received in general from Preston Wynne Church, but they still had not supplied actual amounts required.

16. Planning including :

183432 – Installation of prefabricated storage unit for storage.

Action: clerk to submit comment of ‘no objection’ to this application.

17. Receive items for the next agenda (no discussion)
War memorial. S106 developments.

The meeting closed at 8.58pm

Signed: _________________________ Date: _________________

Dates for 2019 meetings:

2019 17th Jan 7.30 pm start
7th March 7.30 pm start
Annual and PC meetings 16th May 7.00pm start
11th July 7.30 pm start
19th Sept 7.30 pm start
21st Nov 7.30 pm start