Minutes September 2019

Withington Group Parish Council
Meeting Held on Thursday 19th September 2019


Present: Paul Bainbridge (PB), Alison Bainbridge (AB), Martin Kirk (MK), Kevin Hewison (KH), Bob Wood (BW), Sarah Winwood (SW), Ralph Barber (RB),

Judith Howe (JH), Simon Dent (SD).

Also: Sophie Glover (Clerk), Paul Andrews (PA)(Ward Cllr) who left the meeting at 7.55pm
The Meeting opened at 7.30pm

10 minute period is set aside for any members of the public who wish to raise any issues with the Parish Council.
None present.

1. To accept Apologies for absence –Julie Williams, Jonathan Beech, Tom Nellist, John Baker, Sue Rudd
Absent with out apologies: Ed Simcock (ES), Barclay Rogers (BR).

2. To receive Declaration of Interests.
None declared.

3 Reports from:-
3.1 Ward Councillor – He congratulated the PC on getting the NDP through the referendum with 88% voting in its favour.
The Land North of Southbank, the decision is due on the 30th September.
The Duke St holiday cottage application decision is due imminently.
Road markings are going to be done by BB soon, remarking the junction with the Worcester Rd – A4103 at Lugg bridge. The Ward Cllr will be pushing for a roundabout there, but he asked if people would report any dangerous driving incidents there in order to log them officially.
Hedges on the Worcester Rd, are very over grown and he has reported these to BB.
Questions: SD: felt that the black spot was traffic turning right to go under the bridge, PA has reported this to the infrastructure manager in the hope that this will be addressed.
KH: Radway Lane, needs a weight restriction to stop lorries using the lane. There is a list for TROs and this has been on that list for 24 months but PA will see where it is now on that list.
TN; the Hereford bypass – is there any update? Nothing to report as yet.

3.2 Local police – Nothing received.

3.3 Balfour Beatty – Come out weekly and cllrs can comment on them.

4. Acceptance of minutes of the:- PC meeting (11th July 2019) and the extraordinary July PC meeting(24th).

Proposed: BW Seconded: KH

They were duly accepted as a true record of the meeting.

5. Action points from previous meetings –
On agenda or addressed apart from: War Memorial and Grass Cutting in Open spaces.
PB had met the person who mow the open spaces at the moment. If the PC took over the cutting, there would be no payment from HC towards doing the cuts, so the full cost would be on the PC. Equally the PC could supplement the job paying for additional cuts. SW reported some quotes. To be discussed in future meetings.
War memorial: John Baker is pursuing getting a grant to replace the railings that were on the original war memorial (according to the postcards that JB has circulated from circa 1900). If he does not get the grant PB suggests pushing for S106 monies to just do the basic repairs due to traffic damage..
MK went to Southbank to have a look at the problem raised by the member of the public at the July meeting. He agreed with the weed infestation. Local authority no longer do clearing the gutters due to monies being reduced.
Meeting on 24th July: clerk was due to have posted a comment on the application and it doesn’t show on the website

Action ; Clerk to check if she did post a comment.

6. Neighbourhood Plan

BW – formally acknowledged the amount of work that RB and JB had done on the plan. All Cllrs supported this.
RB – The NDP should now be used in all planning decisions, although it will be formally adopted in October, but it is now a relevant document for use with planning applications
He questioned what to do with the info on the web site and the FB account. He suggested closing the FB account, leaving the info on the web site. This was agreed
Item to come off the agenda until the UDP is being updated, suggested putting it on the April agenda.
Mrs Ginnette Chadd, Bank House, Withington to be thanked for her hard work prior to the vote.
Action: The clerk to write to her

7. Withington Fields –
Update from the Clerk: The sand pit has been completely renovated and has been much used since the work has been done. Damage has once again been done to the bin outside the shelter, the lengthsman will see if he can fix it.
Clerk asked for permission to task the tree surgeon to come back and do a second session in the copse to ensure that the trees in there are safe. All in agreement.

Action: clerk to book tree surgeon.

8. Changing rooms and car park at the village hall.
The Chair had got a quote for preparing plans for these, initial quote £250, concept design £950 and developing design: £2250 Totalling £3,350 plus VAT. Clerk is checking if we can use the S106 monies to do this work.
All approved once the S106 monies have been released. Proposed from Chair, seconded BW

Result: it was confirmed to the clerk that S106 monies could be utilised in drawing up these plans.

9. Lengthsman Scheme – identification of jobs for the lengthsman.
Clearing the gullies SouthBank.
Quarry Cottage, Duke St the ditch and drain needs clearing
Bin shed at WF needs mucking out.
WF gate from Withies Rd has dropped. All gates to be checked.
Clear back the path at top of coppice.

Action: Clerk to pass on to lengthsman.

10. Foot paths officers reports
As discussed above.

11. Proposed removal of BT phone boxes at Withington and Whitestone
The Chair had responded to the original information as there is no signal between Duke St and Bodenham so phone boxes shouldn’t be removed until a new mast is in place.

12. Update on S106 developments
The map of the proposed traffic calming measures were talked through and discussed. However, they have not included the village gates or SID’s.

Action: Chair to go back to BB to ask what happened to the other suggestions from the PC.

13. Parish Council Summit
Is happening this Friday evening, the Chair and vice chair will attend from Withington.

14. To note contents of the information sheet, and take any comments from that.
The WGPC received grant monies for the production of the NDP, JB will be preparing the final statement for what the NDP process cost and calculating the sum that needs to be returned to Groundwork as unspent grant monies.
We have had the external auditors report, have passed it, but were late in posting information about the audit last year and did not mention it.

15. Matters Financial. Total
a. Balances Yorkshire – Reserve acct £ closed
Public Sector Deposit Fund       £11,306.77
HSBC Parish Acct                        £20,352.91
HSBC Withington Field Acct    £   6,790.18           £38,449.86
b. Cheques to be paid
Parish Acct:-
Clerks Salary                               £ 1,138.01
Clerks Expenses                         £     40.04
NDP stationary                          £     121.85
NDP Village Hall meetings     £      26.00
NDP Banner                               £    150.00
Countrywide inv August          £    174.00
Countrywide inv July               £   202.80
Countrywide inv June              £   223.20
T Griffiths PRW work July      £     30.00
Halc Training (clerk fun with finance) £ 60.00
PFK Littlejohn (Auditors)       £   240.00            £2,539.39
Withington Field Acct:-
Shelly O’Sullivan                      £ 80.00
Countrywide May inv             £ 156.00
Countrywide June inv            £ 156.00
Countrywide July inv             £ 234.00
Countrywide Aug inv              £ 234.00
H’fd Council bin Collection   £ 149.50
T Griffiths repair WF fences  £ 36.00
T Griffiths work July 3          £ 240.00
T Griffiths work July 2          £   90.00
T Griffiths work July 1           £    36.00
T Griffiths work on sandpit  £ 846.72        £2,258.22
                                   Total cheques:        £ 4,797.61

It was moved that all cheques should be paid.

Proposed:KH Seconded:BW

c. Receipts: Second half of the precept received but not showing in above totals £10,500
d. Application for Financial Aid, Defibrillator, WVH. Clerk to find cost for one in a locked box to go here. Chair suggested using the £2000 grant that we are holding towards this, all agreed that this should be looked into.

16. Planning including :
192980 – Unit 13 Whitestone Business Park: installation of a Bio mass unit
Action: No comment

193136 – Cadith House, Whitestone: Application for discharge of planning obligation (S106)
Originally the 106 said the house could not be sold separately from the garden centre, they now want this to be discharged.
Action: No comment

193089 – Sonas House, Nuneaton Court Converting barns into office (retrospective).
Action: No comment

Veldo Lane (appeal) was thrown out, and the chair stated that the case by the planning officer supporting the presumed refusal was well presented.. It was felt that the consideration of the previous Veldo Lane development was not given the same careful attention and many of the same points against the proposal had been dismissed by the planning officer against the specialist advice of the conservation officer.

17. Receive items for the next agenda (no discussion)
Approval of the updated Finance Regs.
Finance Committee to meet 11am 5.11.19 clerk to send accounts a week before.

The meeting closed at 9.05pm

Signed: _________________________ Date: _________________

Dates for 2019/20 meetings:

21st Nov 7.30 pm start
Dates 16th Jan 2020 7.30 pm start
For 2020 19th March 7.30 pm start
Annual Meeting 21st May 7pm start