Withington Group Parish Council Agendas



Councillors are summoned to attend the next meeting of

Withington Group Parish Council


Thursday 11th January 2018 at 7.30pm, Withington Village Hall


Members of the public are warmly invited to attend.



            Public Question Time

A 10 minute period from 7.30 p.m. is allocated, before the meeting is opened, to enable members of the public to address the Parish Council.



  1. To accept Apologies for absence
  2. To receive Declaration of Interests.

3.1        Report from Ward Councillor

3.2        Report from local police

  1. Acceptance of minutes of the PC meeting (Nov 2017)
  2. Action points from previous meetings on agenda or addressed
  3. Neighbourhood plan
  4. Withington Fields
  5. Lengthsman and P3 scheme – working group to be identified to look at lengthsmans work. Jobs identified

for him to undertake.

  1. Withington Village Hall
  2. New Code of Conduct, Safeguarding and the new General Data Protection Regulations
  3. To note contents of the information sheet, and take any comments from that.
  4. Matters Financial.
  5. Balances: Parish Account: £ 25,559.99. Withington Field Acct: £5,239.18

Savings acct: £9,281.60

  1. Payments to be agreed including, from the parish account: Data Orchard (NDP consultant) £1,139.16; Countrywide (Oct inv) £111.60; T Griffiths (Nov Roads Acct Inv 1) £458.40; T Griffiths (Nov Roads Acct Inv 2) £456.00; RJ Barrell, hedge cutting £134.40; Hereford and Gloucestershire Canal Trust, £25; Withington Field account T Griffiths (Nov WF Acct Inv 3) £36; T Griffiths (Nov WF Acct Inv4) £177.60; T Griffiths (Dec WF Acct Inv1)£36; T Griffiths (Dec WF Acct Inv2)£194.39; Countrywide (Oct inv) £156; Herefordshire Council, bins £118.30;
  2. Receipts – None.
  3. Requests for financial aid: None.
  4. Planning including : 174487 – Land adjacent to The Mintons;
  5. Receive items for the next agenda (no discussion)



Dates for future meetings:


  15th March 7.30 pm start
PC and Annual meetings 17th May 7.00 pm start
New dates 12th July 7.30 pm start
for 20th Sept 7.30 pm start
your diaries 15th Nov 7.30 pm start




Sophie Glover

WGPC Parish Clerk

01432 270499 / wgpcclerk@hotmail.co.uk