March 2021 Agenda

Withington Group Parish Council

Withington Group Parish Council
Virtual Parish Council Meeting to be held on Zoom
7.30pm Thursday 18th March 2021

If members of the public would like to join the meeting, please contact the clerk for the relevant password
There will be 10 minutes allowed from 7.30pm for members of the public to raise any issues that they would like the Parish Council to consider.


1. To accept Apologies for absence
2. Declarations of interest-
3. i. Acceptance of minutes of Parish Council meetings (January and February 2021)
ii. Action points from previous meetings. Footpaths at Nunnington Farm.
4. Items raised between meetings;
5. Planning application: including
210302 – Cherry Tree House
Feedback from the ‘Land North of Southbank’ appeal
6. Open discussion/public forum including
6.1 Report from Ward Councillor – Cllr Paul Andrews
6.2 Report from local police – apologies sent.
6.3 Balfour Beatty – updates sent out each week
7. Withington Fields
8. Working Parties:-
– War Memorial
– Changing rooms and Car Park at Village Hall
– A4103
– Vine Tree
9. Lengthsman scheme – identification of jobs for the lengthsman and Preston Wynne drainage.
10. Footpaths officers report
11. Tree warden report
12. Feedback on training or meetings attended
13. Financial:
a) Balances: Parish @ 05.03.21; £10,824.06; WF acct @ 01.03.21: £2,265.14; CCLA @ 28.02.21: £11,552.13
b) To approve payments as listed on the finance sheet.
c) Receipts : None showing but VAT return of £4,297.92 is due.
d) Applications for financial aid: Withington Church: Preston Wynne Church.
15. Receive items for the next agenda (no discussion)
16. Agree time and date of next meeting.

Dates for future meetings:

Annual meeting 20th May 7.00 pm start
15th July 7.30 pm start
16th September 7.30 pm start
18th November 7.30 pm start

Sophie Glover, Clerk to WGPC | email: | Tel: 01432 617306