Sacm message June 2020

There is a gang masquerading as BT Technical support, they claim to be monitoring people’s internet connections and have detected “scammers” piggybacking off the IP address and using it to gain access to people’s computers and ultimately bank details.
They claim to be able to access through your computer the software and delete the offending parallel connection.
They are totally convincing, able to generate one time passcodes all under the BT banner.
I am usually very savvy to cyber crime, but was totally convinced by this performance until they asked me to enter my bank details, ostensibly to check my bank security.
Then the penny dropped, this was a very professional scam.
I immediately shut down my home hub and computer.
I phoned BT and my bank who both confirmed that this was a scam, the bank have shut down my online banking facility until my computer has been checked to make sure nothing has been left behind.
BT state that they do not monitor internet in this way and would NEVER contact by telephone.

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