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  1. Objection to Planning Permission P174487/F Mintons

    I object to the above Planning Permission on the following grounds.
    1. Road safety. The bend at the bottom of the hill, a few yards from the school entrance is very dangerous. You can barely pass two cars and cannot pass the bus. Hedging over growth pushes cyclists and pedestrians out further into a blind corner. The erection of these cottages will exacerbate the situation.
    2. Water run-off. The field is well known locally for it’s springs. Duke Street has suffered from flash flooding in the past and many properties on the south side have already suffered from run-off. These plans will increase the problem.

  2. Mr and Mrs A Densley
    The Mintons
    Duke Street
    HR1 3QD

    9th January 2018


    Dear Sirs,

    We write to express our concerns regarding the above application to build 2 houses in the field to the north of our property, The Mintons.

    The Mintons was built in 1743 and has historic interest within this conservation area. We believe that the approval of this application would have a detrimental impact on our property, with the proposed dwellings being in very close proximity and overlooking aspects of our cottage which would cause loss of privacy.

    The Highways report has identified that the visibility setback should be 2.4m x 68m to the south and 2.4m x 50m to the north, both measured to the nearside kerb at a height of 675mm due to the passage of school children to the crossing point (this is the primary pedestrian route to the school). This cannot be achieved in either direction without alterations/demolition of the stone walls in both directions, which we believe to be part of the conservation area.

    The wall to the south of the proposed splay also has a hedge planted alongside it and would require constant cutting to maintain vision and the applicant has no access to this so would be unable to keep the necessary vision.

    Achieving acceptable vision splays would be wholly dependent on our agreement as the boundary wall to the south belongs to The Mintons.

    We have been in discussion with Simon Withers who we believe has requested a Conservation Officer’s report.

    For the above reasons we believe this application to be unacceptable.

    Yours faithfully


  3. Polytunnel Planning Application: P182191/F

    Are your residents in Withington Marsh and the Cross Keys pub area aware of the planning application to erect (on an industrial scale) plastic polytunnels at Ocle Pychard?
    This planning application could/would see an increase in flood risk to properties alongside the ‘Little Lugg’ and the A465.
    May I suggest that the Withington Parish Council look into this.

    P. Burden
    Burley Gate

  4. I object to the planning of building property’s to the north side withington southbank I just recently bought a house there wasn’t told specific that these sort of plans were in place if I would of know about this I would of thought twice about buying this house.

    . The impact it’s going to have there’s going to be more flooding we are on the highest point on withington so are gardens are going to have an impact not to mention the value of the property.

    .Withington School wouldn’t be able to accommodate with the increasing number of children’s with 52 houses being built they bound to be family’s moving on traffic conditions and road safety more houses means more pollution increases a higher risk health conditions . The village public residents safety more at risk not to mention there’s a lot of kids around this area all ready this is turning into all ready over populated village .

    Your privacy is taken away if property s are built backing onto your home I have small children I don’t want them looking into my home .
    . There’s rare birds of prey nesting in the trees there protected through nature reserve that u can’t take they down in the areas of the north of Southbank .

  5. Hi

    I live on the lane next to the furniture shop in Crosskeys and find myself daily praying I don’t have a collision turning right out of the junction. I have had several near misses of late (one of which the driver squealed to a halt so im certain they were not travelling at 40mph). The turning is on a blind bend and im wondering what I can do to make this junction a little safer before a serious accident happens.
    Many Thanks


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